First Impressions: Virginia Olsen Eyeshadows


I recently bought a few loose eyeshadows from the brand called Virginia Olsen. The brand carries makeup products (i.e. foundation, blushes, eyeshadows and brushes) which are “100% natural, paraben free, bismuth & talc free, and pure mineral make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type”. I haven’t tried a lot of mineral makeup products in my life and when I was searching for mineral makeup brands to try out, the brand Virginia Olsen came up. This brand is available locally through their website. I have also heard great reviews from this brand from local Youtubers.

So, I got 3 of their loose mineral eyeshadows. I have read lots of blog posts about these eyeshadows and most bloggers raved about how amazing the pigmentation of these eyeshadows are! And boy I was not disappointed! I also really like the packaging of these eyeshadows because not only are they nice and sleek, they are also sturdy! I was actually worried when I got my package and saw that the eyeshadows were not individually wrapped in bubble wrap or something. But there is no damage to the packaging of these eyeshadows whatsoever!

The first eyeshadow that I got is called Blackstar Blue. I would describe this color as a shimmery midnight blue. It actually reminds me of the sky at night when all the stars are shining brightly. This color is perfect for a smokey eye if you are tired of the usual black eyeshadow! If applied to the outer corners of the eyes, it adds depth and a nice mysterious yet sultry look to the eye!

Camera 360

 Camera 360

The second eyeshadow that I got is called Earth. For me, this is the perfect brown eyeshadow for everyday.  It’s a soft brown color with just a tiny hint of glitter.

Camera 360

Camera 360

The last eyeshadow that I got is called Planet.  It’s a dark taupe/brown color with shimmers in it. This color is just gorgeous and I would say that this is my favorite! I tried using this just on its own and I applied it on my lids up to the crease area and it just looks great! This eyeshadow also looks great paired with Earth.

Camera 360

Camera 360

I just love the quality of these eyeshadows! The pigmentation is awesome and a little really goes a long way with these! The packaging is great as well! Plus, I had a really smooth transaction when I ordered online and I got my package immediately the day after!

Purchasing more of these eyeshadows is something that I will definitely be doing in the future. Or in the very very near future! Haha. They do have a great selection of colors that I would love to try out soon!

Check out Virginia Olsen through their website or you may follow them on Twitter.



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