Product Review: Etude House Lip & Eye Makeup Remover


I can’t live without makeup removers! They make my life easier! Haha. Instead of scrubbing the face to take off any makeup or continuously rubbing the eyes to take off that waterproof mascara, use a makeup remover!

Taking off your makeup at the end of the day is a must! It is essential not only for removing the makeup but also for removing other impurities brought about by pollution.  Throughout the day, our pores become blocked or clogged due to the makeup that we apply.That’s why we should take our makeup off at the end of the day so our skin can breathe.

My favorite makeup remover is the Lip & Eye Makeup Remover by Etude House. I love how efficiently it removes makeup! I use waterproof mascara everyday and this makeup remover has no problem of taking it off! I really love this makeup remover that I even keep a backup of this just in case I run out!

Camera 360

Just to demonstrate how great this is at removing makeup, I have here a swatch of a dark taupe/brown eyeshadow. You may recognize this swatch from my first impressions blog post on the eyeshadows from Virginia Olsen. Haha. I was doing both that post and this one at the same time!

Camera 360

I just put a small amount of the makeup remover onto a cotton pad.

Camera 360

And I swiped it across the eyeshadow swatch once. Just with one swipe, the eyeshadow swatch is gone!

Camera 360

This makeup remover is oil-based. So, you will definitely get that oily/icky feeling after you’ve removed your makeup. This does not irritate my face at all or cause my skin to break out.After removing my makeup with this makeup remover, that’s when I proceed with cleansing and toning my face.

I definitely recommend this makeup remover to anyone who uses makeup! This is an amazing product which I believe is a must have for every makeup-crazy girl out there! Haha. It’salso very affordable at Php 198 and a bottle lasts for 1-2 months depending on how often you use makeup.This product is available at all Etude House outlets.

Has anyone tried this makeup remover? If so, let me know your thoughts on them by commenting below!



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