Wannabe Makeup Artist


I’ve always called myself a “wannabe” makeup artist (MUA). Ever since I was in high school, I have always been interested with makeup. I remember that I first became fascinated with lip balms and I had a huge collection of it back then! I then ventured into trying out blush and eyeshadows and I always had so much fun playing with them!

When I was in college, we were allowed to wear more makeup than the customary face powder and light lipstick/gloss/stain. So, I started using eyeliners and foundations. In school, I also loved doing other people’s makeup. In high school, I did the makeup of some of my classmates for our graduation picture. It also happened in college when I was asked to help out  friends with their makeup for a college party or event.

Even back then, I knew I wanted to become a makeup artist. I have always considered myself a creative person and I believe that makeup is one area where I am and can become more creative. So far, I have only attended one short course on basic makeup. But, I definitely plan to attend more in the future. I am even looking for great schools which offer a good makeup course. But until then, I’ll keep on practicing and watching tutorials on YouTube! Haha.

For my blog, I want to be able blog about different makeup looks that I will be creating on other people. I have enlisted my sister’s and cousin’s cooperation in this and they said they are willing to become my “canvas”.. I mean my models! Haha. I have actually been practicing with my cousin Crissa as my model and I am quite happy with the results!  Below are photos I’ve taken with my camera phone of the looks that we’ve been playing with. 🙂

“No Makeup” Makeup Look / Day Makeup


Closeup shot of the eye makeup


Party Makeup / Night Makeup


Closeup shot of the eye makeup


I can’t wait to try out different looks on myself and other people! And I will definitely be sharing them on this blog! I am gonna call any blog posts with makeup looks as “Goddess does Makeup”. How does that sound?

Please comment below and let me know what makeup looks I should be trying. I love a good challenge and I can’t wait to stretch my creativity when it comes to makeup!


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