Product Review: NYX Concealer


You might have seen my previous post wherein I blogged about my little haul of NYX Products. There I showed you the NYX Concealer that I got in the shade medium and as promised, here is my detailed review of the product. ๐Ÿ™‚

The concealer comes in a tiny 7 gram jar. I love the packaging of this product because it’s light and fits in my makeup bag perfectly. I also love that it has an airtight cap/cover. So there is definitely no possibility of it opening up and messing your makeup bag and other makeup products.

Camera 360

The shade of this concealer is in medium. It has a somewhat “salmony” tone to it which makes it perfect for under eye concealing. The texture of this concealer is really soft and it is very easy to blend in.

Camera 360

Here’s a little swatch of the concealer. I ย believe that the shade is just right for my complexion. ๐Ÿ™‚

Camera 360

To show you how this product conceals my under eye area, here’s a before shot of my eye. I’m not sure if the shot shows it well but I have a bit of a dark under eye. I have been using the Shiseido Ibuki Eye Cream though and I have noticed that my under eye area has lightened.

Camera 360

Upon applying the concealer, you can see that my under eye area now has an even color and the darkness has been covered. The area where I applied concealer also appears to be smoother.ย This concealer is also great for concealing dark spots or pimple scars on the face.

Camera 360

What I don’t like about this product is it’s longevity. This is definitely not a long wearing concealer or at least not on my oily skin. I find that I have to do touch ups throughout the day. I also noticed that it does crease a bit on my under eye area and on my eyelids. I have really oily skin and I guess that’s the reason why this product does not last long on my skin. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

If you’re asking me if I have finally found my “holy grail” concealer with this product, my answer would be a definite NO. I am still looking for a full coverage concealer that would last long on my oily skin.

However, this concealer from NYX is not bad at all. Despite the fact that I have to do touch ups during the day, I am pretty impressed with its coverage and I really love its texture!ย I would definitely recommend this concealer to someone who has no oily skin.

Please comment below and let me know of your thoughts if you have tried out this product. Also, if you know of any concealer which works well on oily skin, please comment and let me know!

Hope this review has been helpful!



7 thoughts on “Product Review: NYX Concealer

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      Hello! Yes, that is my major problem with this concealer! Since I have really oily skin, this doesn’t stay long on my face! I find it really sad though coz I love the texture of this concealer! Thanks for the comment and for following my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

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