Beautylish: A beauty lover’s must-have app!


If you are a person who loves all things beauty and would love to be updated with beauty-related stuff while on-the-go, then I have the perfect app for you! This app is called BEAUTYLISH! I recently downloaded this app for my android phone and I must say that this is now my favorite app on my phone! I may be biased for loving this app because I am a beauty blogger, but seriously, this app is great!

Getting this app is very simple. If you have an android phone, you can download this app from Google Play. I am not sure if this app is available for Iphone users. Then you need to create an account by signing in through Facebook or with Google+. If you have neither of the two, you can just create a new account.


This app is very versatile. You can do a lot of stuff with this app! You can read beauty related articles, browse through their vast collection of photos and videos, interact with fellow beautylish users and even shop!


I just love the editorial portion of this app! It contains like a billion articles about beauty trends, tips and just about everything related to beauty! I personally love their “Building your Kit” articles in which they give you tips on how to choose makeup products or which products to add to your collection.


I also love the photos section of this app because it has a lot of nail art and eye makeup photos! You can definitely draw inspiration from the photos in this app!


And speaking of inspiration, I just found this eye makeup look on this app which I think is gorgeous! I will definitely try this look on myself!


The app also has a bunch of product reviews on different makeup products which I really find helpful!


There are also videos in this app for your viewing pleasure! Ofcourse, I love the makeup tutorial videos!


You also get to interact with fellow beauty enthusiasts with the talk section of this app! You can post your beauty dilemmas in this section and your fellow beauty enthusiasts will definitely come to your aid!


I really find this app helpful as a beauty blogger and as a beauty enthusiast in general. Plus, this app has definitely accompanied me through bouts of boredom while commuting or while waiting for a friend to arrive or even while standing through a long queue in the grocery store!

I definitely recommend this app to every woman who loves beauty! Even if you are just starting out or exploring beauty products, this app can definitely help you with that!

I hope this post has been helpful to everyone!



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