Lip-a-Holics Anonymous!


I confess, I’m a lipstick addict! If there is an association called “Lip-a-holics Anonymous”, I’ll probably be a member of it!

I love lipsticks and other lip products! Lip balms, lip glosses, lip treatments and lipsticks… You name it, I have them in my collection! I started collecting lip products when I was a sophomore in high school. Back then, all my student’s allowance could afford were tinted lip balms. Β I also remember asking my mom for the tubes of lipsticks that she didn’t want anymore! God, I was addicted then and I am even more addicted now!

Because of this so-called addiction, I decided to create a whole new section in this blog called “Lip-a-Holics Anonymous” wherein I will feature lip product reviews and the lip products that I am loving! I know there are a lot of ladies out there who share my addiction who would appreciate blog posts about lip products!


So watch out for the first ever edition of Lip-a-Holics Anonymous! It will be posted in a few days! Stay tuned!



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