Lip-a-holics Anonymous: A budget friendly RED lipstick!



Welcome to my first ever post under “Lip-a-holics Anonymous”! I was really happy to know that a lot of you are excited about the idea of blog posts dedicated to lip products!

For this post, I decided to do a review of a budget friendly red lipstick which I am currently loving! I was browsing the makeup counters at the department store a few weeks back when a new counter caught my eye. It was purple (my favorite color!) and I was naturally drawn to it! That new makeup counter, called LOL or Lots of Love, showcased basic makeup items like foundation, eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes. I was really amazed at how cute the selection of makeup was and I was even more shocked with the price range! All their makeup were affordable; their foundations and eyeshadows were priced at Php 139 (roughly $3) and their lipsticks were priced at Php 99 (roughly $2) only!

I didn’t buy their lipsticks at first (I opted to try their eyeshadows) but my cousin bought one and she kept raving about it! So, I decided to give their lipsticks a try. They don’t have a large range of colors. I think I only saw about 10 colors and most of them are in varying shades of red. They even have a black lipstick which I also picked up for a Halloween look!

One of the lipsticks that I got from this brand is the shade called “Dance with the Devil“. It’s a nice red color that I found perfect for my skin tone.


This lipstick is super pigmented! Β With just one swipe across your lips, you get a nice opaque color!


I also love this lipstick’s consistency and how it is not drying on the lips! It also stays on the lips for quite a few hours (about 4 hours) before I had to re-apply it. I know it is not the most long wearing of lipsticks, but for the price of this, I can’t really complain!



1. Highly pigmented

2. Moisturizing on the lips

3. Very affordable at only Php 99 ($2)


1. Not long lasting. Needs to be re-applied after a few hours

2. The packaging doesn’t look sturdy and I think it could still be improved

If you are looking for an affordable red lipstick for everyday, I think this lipstick would definitely suit your needs! It’s nice to have a lipstick like this in your makeup kit because you can use it during the day and even during the night! But then again, a girl can’t have too many red lipsticks right? πŸ™‚

What are your fave red lipsticks? Please comment below and let me know!



15 thoughts on “Lip-a-holics Anonymous: A budget friendly RED lipstick!

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing this! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick πŸ™‚


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