Unboxing my October “Femme Fatale” BDJ Box


I’ve been away from civilization for these past two days that’s why I’ve been away from blogging. I am still a bit tired right now due to the trip (we were on the road for more than 5 hours) but I really wanted to get this unboxing post up and running. πŸ™‚

I received my October BDJ Box this week. I know that this box has been anticipated by avid subscribers with teasers for this box being posted on BDJ Box’s Facebook page. When I saw the teasers, I knew that it would be a Maybelline box. To be honest, I wasn’t really excited about a box full of Maybelline products. I think it was the May BDJ Box wherein they also put a bunch of Maybelline products. I was really hoping for a more unique box.

The October BDJ box has a few variants; each centering on a Maybelline mascara. The box that I got is called Femme Fatale and the mascara featured in this box is the Long Extreme Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara. The Femme Fatale box includes Maybelline products that will help achieve a seductive look or to help “unleash your inner siren”.


The box has 7 full sized Maybelline products.

Face products: Cheeky Glow Blush in Peachy Sweetie (Php 199), Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation in Nude Beige (Php 249) and Clear Smooth BB Stick 8-in-1 Skin Transformer in Radiance (Php 279)

I’ve used all of these face products before and I really liked them. I’m glad that I still don’t own this particular shade of blush. The shades of the powder foundation and the BB stick were spot on as well, so that’s a really good thing!


Lip products: Baby Lips in Pink Peony (Php 89) and Color Sensational Lasting Lipcolor in Are you Red-dy (Php 399)

I’ve tried some of the Maybelline Baby Lips before. They included one in their May BDJ Box. They also included a Color Sensational Lipcolor in the May box. I am just glad that I got a different shade of lipstick this time! The color sensational lipsticks are my favorite from Maybelline’s wide range of lipsticks!


The lipstick that I got is a bright red one! I am always excited to add a new lipstick to my collection!


Eye products:Β Long Extreme Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara (Php 349) and Eyestudio Master Eyeliner (Php 359)

Honestly, I am not really happy about the mascara that I got. I was really hoping to get the box with the Rocket mascara in it because that’s the one that I haven’t tried yet. I tried this Stiletto mascara before when I bought it from Duty Free. I remembering disliking this mascara because the formula was really off for me and it clamped my eyelashes. Yes, I found it lengthening, but I really hated how it clamped my eyelashes together. I’d be happy to give this mascara another go and see how I like it this time around. Maybe they reformulated it. Who knows?!

I haven’t tried the Eyestudio Master Eyeliner before though I’ve heard great reviews about it. I’m excited to give this one a try!


Add ons: Coupon to get a free Lip and Eye Makeup Remover for a minimum purchase of Php 250 and a Maybelline Card



I really have mixed feelings about this box. On the bright side, I like the concept of it and I like that the products that they included were ones that I have been using. If there is a particular product in this box that I am really excited about, it’s the eyeliner! I also love the fact that they included the Maybelline Card. Now, I can earn points for every item that I purchase from Maybelline! Maybe now I have an excuse to try more of their lippines! Haha.

On the negative side, I don’t like the fact that the October box is another Maybelline box. I love Maybelline, don’t get me wrong. I use a lot of their products on a daily basis. But, like I said, the May BDJ box already featured a lot of Maybelline products. Although the May box wasn’t a Maybelline box per se, they still included a bunch of Maybelline products in that box. I wish that BDJ Box can put together a box with a different brand, preferably one that is new in the market but has a lot of potential. That’s just my opinion. πŸ™‚

What did you think of the October BDJ Box? What kind of box did you get? Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on it!



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