Product Review: The Cream Factory Bath Cream + Life Updates


I’m not feeling well with a massive headache and fever so I opted to stay home and rest! But I couldn’t stay put for so long that’s why I decided to turn on my laptop and blog instead. I know I have been away from blogging for weeks now. I have been literally busy and was running low on sleep. As much as I wanted to keep my blog updated, I just couldn’t squeeze it in with the amount of work I have! But I love blogging and I knew I couldn’t stay away for so long!

To those who have been leaving comments on my blog, thanks so much guys! Even though I couldn’t write a post, I still visit my blog admin and I love reading all your comments and I do my best to reply! You guys are simply the best! 🙂

For today’s blog post, I will be doing a review on a body wash that I have been loving at the moment! It’s called The Cream Factory Bath Cream! I got  a bottle of this bath cream from the November BDJ Box and the one that I got is in Goat’s Milk and Acai Berry!


This product is made from real Goat’s Milk from the Netherlands and 100% Active Botanical Extracts.


This product leaves the skin moisturized, fresh and deliciously soft! This smell really awesome! To me it smells like a mouth-watering dessert! But like the back label of this product says, this is only for external use so do not try to eat this stuff! Haha.


I use this product EVERYDAY when I take a bath and it lathers onto the skin like silk, leaving it nice and soft! Just a tiny amount of this product goes a long way because you only need a few squeezes out into your loofah or shower sponge and it will bubble up immediately!

I also love that this product does not contain any harmful chemicals and that it is made with ingredients that are good for your skin!

Like I said, it is made of  goat’s milk from the Netherlands. Goat’s milk is a great moisturizer because it has essential fatty acids and triglycerides which help moisturize the skin. It also has Vitamin A and lactic acid which helps in hydrating the skin.

This product also contains Acai Berry which is said to contain a lot of  antioxidants which help slow down the skin’s aging process and leave the skin looking fresh and young!

The Cream Factory is brought to the Philippines by Because, Inc. and it is available for purchase at Glamourbox and BDJ Box. A 26 fl oz bottle of this product is worth Php 699.

I hope you guys will get to try this product because I swear it is amazing!



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