NOTW: Metallic Lilac


It’s a start of another brand new week and or me it means work. To start off this week, I would like to share with you this simple NOTW post. My younger sister got me 5 new nail polishes for Christmas and she gave it to me early! Being the nail polish fiend that I am, I immediately painted my nails with one of my new nail polishes!

The nail polishes that my sister got me are from this local brand called San San. My favorite one out of the bunch is this lovely color called “Metallic Lilac”.


It’s a very feminine color which if you know me, is something that I don’t gravitate towards. I like dark and bold colors on my fingernails. Surprisingly, I love this color and I see myself wearing this again in the future.


What do you guys think of the color? Ain’t it pretty!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead!



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