My Top 5 Nail Polish Brands


I’m feeling very Spanish today! Haha. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching some of Sofia Vergara’s interviews on The Ellen Show on YouTube today. I love Sofia Vergara and her crazy accent!

Anyway, enough of the chit chat and let’s talk about some serious business here! And when I say serious business, I mean nail polishes! Haha. As you may or may not know, I have a serious problem of collecting nail polishes. I have quite a lot in my collection right now from various international and local brands and I would like to share which are my top 5 nail polish brands.

I admit that when it comes to nail polishes, I prefer international brands as compared to the brands here in the Philippines. I think that high-end or international brands offer more in terms of color range and quality.


My first favorite nail polish brand is ORLY. I love Orly for the wide range of colors it has. The nail polish comes in a large bottle which contains more than enough nail polish that will last you a lifetime. I also love the fact that it does not chip easily and it could stay on my nails for a good solid week. My only critic about this brand is that application may come out streaky, hence for some colors especially the lighter ones, you need to apply at least 3 coats.

I also love the brand OPI. I mean, who doesn’t love this brand?! Like Orly, OPI has a great variety of colors. Plus, they always have creative names for their nail polishes! My favorite nail polish name from OPI would probably be “I break over manicures!”. Haha. I also love this nail polish for the ease of application. The only thing I HATE about this brand is it chips easily. You’re lucky if it won’t start chipping until the 4th day. But, I find that this chips as early the 3rd day.

China Glaze is also part of my list because of the smoothness of application of their nail polishes. I find that its brush is just the right size to enable easy and smooth application. I love that the colors are very opaque and comes in a wide variety. It does not chip as easily as OPI which is a plus in my books!

Another favorite of mine is the brand Sally Hansen. When looking for neutral, wearable colors, I tend to gravitate toward this brand. My favorite nail polish from Sally Hansen is called “Commander in Chic” which is a taupe-ish color.  I know this color may sound boring but I swear it looks gorgeous on the fingernails and toenails! One thing I don’t like about this brand is the brush. The brush is very wide which I don’t like at all. I like “normal” sized nail polish brushes, if you get what I mean.

Rounding up my top 5 is The Face Shop. Nail polishes from Asian brands such as The Face Shop are amazing! Surprisingly, their color range is not that bad. But, my favorite type of polish from The Face Shop are their glitter polishes. Their glitter nail polishes are truly packed with glitter that they come out as almost opaque! Too bad their nail polishes do not have names (I think they are only numbered)! It would have been cuter to match their cute shades with cute names!

What are your top 5 nail polish brands?

Please comment below and let me know!



15 thoughts on “My Top 5 Nail Polish Brands

      • talker blogger says:

        Zoya is a really nice brand .. Mentality is a new indie brand And I hVe used it and tested it .. It’s quality and formula is comparable to Opi .. Is cheaper .. And lasts quite long .. Plus they have some really nice matte and holos 🙂 I think they ship international .. Follow them on Facebook and every sat , for 3 or 4 weeks ,they are giving away a bunch of polishes (last being open internationally ) … You never know 🙂

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