NOTW: Orly’s Masked Ceremony


A new week begins and I am once again looking forward to another stressful week. In my line of work, stress is pretty normal. Haha. Anyway, as the second week of March begins, I would like to leave you with a nails of the week blog post. I feel like I haven’t done these kinds of posts in a long time!


For this week, I painted my nails with an Orly nail polish called Masked Ceremony, 


This nail polish is a black color with silver micro-glitter and chunkier silver glitter. I also see a little bit of purple micro-glitter.


I only have the mini size of this nail polish. But don’t let this little guy fool you because it has more than enough nail polish that you could need. I’ve used this specific nail color for about 3 times already but I swear this little bottle still contains a lot of nail polish! Oh and I used 3 coats to paint my nails with this!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead!



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