Makeup School Adventures Day 1


A few weeks ago, I posted that I decided to enroll in makeup school. It has been a lifelong dream of mine and I am really happy that my artistic juices will finally be put to good use! Haha. Today was the first day of my Personal Beauty Course at Maquillage Professionnel School of Makeup Artistry. Day 1 covered application of base/foundation, facial contouring and eyebrow shaping.

Our instructor for today was celebrity makeup artist Mr. Mio Robo. He gave us a detailed discussion on the steps of achieving the perfect and flawless base for our makeup. He then proceeded to do a demonstration using one of my classmates as a model.

The first step towards achieving a flawless base is to prep the skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Also apply primer to make your makeup last long and to minimize the appearance of pores. Next is to correct blemishes which is optional depending on the state of one’s skin. An orange toned corrector is used for dark spots, a purple one is used to correct brown spots, while a green corrector is used to cover up skin redness.

After correcting blemishes or discoloration, you may now proceed with the actual foundation application. Mr. Mio also discussed in detail the different kinds of foundation (according to coverage, texture and finish) and which type of foundation works best for different skin types. Once foundation is done, it’s time to apply liquid concealer on blemishes or discoloration which are still visible. Mr. Mio emphasized to use liquid concealer for this step as it is easier to blend and it deeply penetrates the skin.

Once foundation and liquid concealer has been applied, it is necessary to set it with loose powder. Again, Mr. Mio emphasized on the use of loose powder since it’s lighter on the skin and it wouldn’t look as if you’ve put on too much makeup.

Contouring and highlighting comes after setting your foundation with loose powder. Contouring is done to enhance and add definition to the face. After Mr. Mio’s demonstration on contouring, I realized how big of a difference it makes on one’s face! When done properly, contouring may provide symmetry to the face to make it stand out more. Highlighting, on the other hand, is to illuminate the high points of the face such as the forehead, browbone, cheekbones and the center of the nose.

Eyebrow shaping is the last step in the process and this is the step that I really struggle with! The natural shape of my eyebrows is really messed up (if that is a good way to describe eyebrows, haha) so I find it difficult to shape them. To find the right shape for your eyebrows, these are the simple steps that I’ve learned in class:

1. Your eyebrows should start parallel to the inner corner of your eye.

2.Hold a pen or a brush from the middle of your lip passing through your eyeball to find your arch

3. Hold a pen or a brush from the middle of your lip to the outer corner of your eye and that should be the tip of your eyebrows or where it should end.

Whew! It seemed like today’s class was really jam-packed with information and I really learned a lot! I even took notes and it made me feel like I was back in Uni! Haha. I also really liked the classroom setup of the course wherein the instructor would discuss the day’s topic, do a demo and supervise us while we do the hands on part of the class. I also love the fact that we used products from The Makeup Factory and Makeup Forever throughout the class!

Here are some pictures that I took from today’s class. I was pathetic at taking pictures today since I was really engrossed with the hands on part of the class.



My very messy workstation! Haha.


Β There’s something about face charts that really get to me! Probably it’s the lips or the eyes. Haha.

And here are some shots of the results ofΒ my application of the steps I’ve mentioned above.


I definitely need to improve on my eyebrow shaping skills! Aaarggh!


I’m really excited for next week since we will be doing day makeup! Β I will definitely blog about it as well and hopefully I can provide more pictures! Haha.

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14 thoughts on “Makeup School Adventures Day 1

      • Kristina says:

        Aw no way! They look nicely shaped and natural. Nothing bugs me more when you can see the outline of the drawn on brows on some women! lol Mine were just over plucked in High school and have never grown back πŸ˜‰

  1. Erika says:

    So envious! I’ve been planning to enroll in makeup school for months now, but my college workload just couldn’t permit it. I promised myself to do it after graduation, though! Where’s your school located?

  2. thebeautywhisperer says:

    Please keep posting what you are learning. I don’t have the oppurtunity where I live to go to a physical school so your tidbits really did help. πŸ˜€ thanks

  3. Roxanne says:

    I also struggle with my eyebrows too.. I have very thin eyebrows so it’s really hard to shape..yours were a bit easy pa.. πŸ™‚ I also want to enroll in a makeup school..sayang I wasn’t able to know their promo.. 😦

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