Makeup School Adventures Day 2


Day 2 of my Makeup School Adventures began with a really mad dash to get to class on time! I left my condo 30 minutes later than I should have and when I was already near the school, I remembered that I forgot to bring my makeup sponges. So, I had to find a store that sold makeup sponges and I have to wait for the store to open at 9 AM. You see, my class also starts at 9 AM. Hence, the mad dash. Haha. Anyway, I made it to class just in time since the lecture hasn’t began yet. But, some of my classmates were already applying their base. I quickly found an empty workstation and immediately gathered the products I needed for base application.


We used a different classroom for Day 2 and this one had individual workstations with high chairs, a big mirror and tables. Our brushes and mixing palettes were already on our tables when each student arrived.


This was my workstation for Day 2. See those makeup sponges right there? I was almost late because of those! Haha.

Day 2 was all about “day makeup”. Day makeup is supposed to be natural; using mostly neutral colors such as brown, taupe, eggshell and champagne. The distinctive factor with day makeup is the eyes. The eyes should be bright. Day makeup should use colors that will brighten up the eyes and make them look awake.

I had difficulty with the day’s task because I initially used browns to do my eye makeup. However, the instructor commented that browns were making my eyes look dark and smokey. I had to wipe out my initial work and the instructor tried to do my one eye using shades of blue. It turned out much better because my eyes looked brighter and more alive. I then paired my eye makeup with a light pink gloss.

Here is my finished look for the day.



It was a bit overwhelming to use blue for day makeup because I was used to using browns and taupes. But the instructor said that it’s okay to use colors during the day but just apply them lightly. What is important is that the eyes must look bright! As if he couldn’t stress that enough! Haha.

Our instructor also had a different technique in applying eye makeup. I was so used to just applying a light color on my lids and a darker color on my crease. But, our instructor told us to apply a darker color right above the crease where you can feel the bone (almost as if drawing a banana right above the crease). Also, blending is key in eyeshadow application.

To be honest, I am not really sure how I like the technique demonstrated in class. Maybe because it’s different than how I usually apply my eyeshadows, but I am still going to practice some more until I get the hang of it!

Here areย some tricks mentioned in class as to how to brighten the eyes, but I guess most of the beauty enthusiasts out there know these already:

1. Use a white or flesh toned eyeliner to line the lower lash line. This works well for those who haven’t had a good nights sleep. But it is just an all around technique to open up and brighten the eyes.

2. Apply a light shimmery eyeshadows on the inner corners of the eyes. I never really used this technique before even though Tanya Burr does it in all her videos. But, damn! It really does brighten up the eyes!

3. Apply concealer on your eyelids up to the brow bone before applying eye primer. This will help the eyeshadow color pop out even more.

I’m excited for Day 3 since it will be all about Night Makeup! Will definitely keep everyone posted!



10 thoughts on “Makeup School Adventures Day 2

  1. Olga K'ay - says:

    Nothing wrong with bright eyes for day time, but I would strongly disagree with the wording “should”, “supposed to” and “must”. Sounds awfully limiting. I would expect a makeup school to encourage more experimentation. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep quiet during a class like that and would start a debate on the subject of “Everyone should feel free to wear whatever makeup look they want to, if they like it, regardless of what time of day it is” ๐Ÿ˜€

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      Hey Olga! I actually agree with you! I was really uncomfortable with the blue eyeshadow. I wasn’t used to it and like I said in my post, I initially reached for the browns and try to apply my creativity using those neutral colors. I have deep set eyes that is why I like using neutrals since I feel that they make my eyes look more expressive. After my class, I immediately put on my shades since I was really not comfortable with the look. Haha. I guess, I wasn’t just that vocal in class. Haha.

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