Product Review: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Powder Blush


I’ve been on a mineral makeup binge lately and have been loving products from local brand Ellana Mineral Cosmetics! I’m in love with their makeup primer which I’ve reviewed here.

I don’t care much for loose makeup products such as powder and blushes but I have been loving a powder blush from Ellana called Fulfillment.


The blush comes in a small plastic tub with a sifter. Each tub has 2.5 g of product. Each 2.5 g tub costs around Php 180.


The blush is a nice coral peach color with a tiny hint of shimmer in it. This type of color works well with a lot of skin types and skin tones. I find that this color really matches my tan-ish coloring and lasts a decent amount of time on my oily skin.


The blush has a really great color payoff! I only used a teeny bit of product to swatch on the inside of my wrist. Only a tiny amount is needed on the cheeks to give it a nice, natural looking flush.



1. The blush has great pigmentation/color payoff!

2. Even though the blush comes in a loose formula, I don’t find it hard to apply since I only need a small amount to apply on my cheeks. I use a blush brush to apply it.

3. I also like that this blush is buttery soft and blends smoothly into the skin.

4. The blush stays on for a good 4-5 hours on my oily skin.

5. I like that it comes in a small plastic tub which makes it easy to travel with or to carry on your makeup bag everyday.


I couldn’t really think of any! I find that this blush is amazing and it has really surpassed my initial thoughts on loose powder blushes!

Do you know of any loose mineral powder blushes to try out? I think I’m becoming addicted to these kinds of blushes!



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