Eye Want! – That’s Heart Eyeshadow and Blush Palette



I’ve recently been loving the That’s Heart Palette from BH Cosmetics which I’ve hauled about here. The palette is a collaboration between YouTube Beauty Guru Heart Defensor and BH Cosmetics. I love Heart’s videos on YouTube and I love her bubbly personality! Her palette is definitely a reflection of her personality!


The palette is so pink and pretty! It’s made of cardboard with a magnetic closure


The palette has 8 eyeshadows with matte and shimmery finishes. The eyeshadows consist of a good mix of neutrals and bolder colors.


The color payoff of these eyeshadows are a bit of a hit and miss. I find that I prefer the color payoff of the neutral colors compared to the others. The royal blue color is disappointing. I was expecting it to come off as more vibrant and opaque. The same can be said with the green eyeshadow. I also had high hopes for the matte black color. But the pigmentation was also a disappointment. However, I believe that the pigmentation of these eyeshadows could be made more vibrant with an eye primer.

In terms of the formulation of these eyeshadows, I find them to be buttery soft and very blendable.


The palette also includes a contouring and highlighting powder and a soft pink blush.


I like the pigmentation of the highlighting powder and the blush. As for the contouring powder, it looks really dark on the pan but it swatched really light. It appears really light on my skin as well.


All things considered, I really like this palette. I like the idea behind it because it’s very convenient to have your eyeshadows, contour, highlight and blush in one palette! Aside from the colors which fell short of pigmentation, I love the neutrals in this palette! I’m glad that the neutrals have better pigmentation because those are the colors that I will be using the most. I also love the blush and highlighting powder in this palette!

I believe that this palette is still available at the BH Cosmetics site. But if you’re in the Philippines, you may check out Sweet and Sparkle on Facebook.



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