Haul: Smashbox, The Balm, Happy Skin & The Body Shop


So I did some damage to my wallet today! I haven’t gone beauty shopping in a while (or maybe it just feels like it, haha) and there were some really good sales! And I am such a weakling when it comes to sales!

I went to Watson’s first because I wanted to check out if there are some new drugstore stuff. As was expected, there weren’t any new collections at all. I was kind of hoping that the new Covergirl stuff has arrived but I was just let down by the all too familiar displays of items from their permanent line.

Next, I went to Beauty Bar which has higher end brands like Smashbox and The Balm. There were some really great items on sale from those brands but the selection was not that great. But I still managed to grab a few bits.


Smashbox Air Blush Whipped Cheek Color in Berry Bliss – I’ve been on a blush binge lately so I just couldn’t resist this blush! Plus, the consistency of this product is something that I have never tried before. It’s like a mousse type of product but it’s texture is actually quite soft.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Bronze – I am looking for a good gel eyeliner because the drugstore one’s I have tried so far left me unsatisfied.

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24H Gel Pencil Eyeliner in Chic Brown – This one is really more of an impulse buy and is the only item in this haul that was not bought at a discount. This is one of Happy Skin’s newest products and I have heard really great things about this product!

The Balm Plump Your Pucker Sheer and Tinted Gloss in Cherry My Cola – When I tried this product on my lips at the store, I fell in love with its scent! It smells delicious, I swear! And it’s not a sticky gloss! I hate sticky lip glosses!

After my mini shopping spree at Beauty Bar, I told myself to get my bum home after getting my Jamba Juice fix. But then I suddenly remembered that the Body Shop was having a huge sale in all their stores.  So instead of taking my bum home, I happily walked into the Body Shop! Oh my gosh, their sale was awesome that I had to stop myself from adding more items into my basket!


All-In-One BB Cream in 03 – It’s summer here in the Philippines and I have just been using light weight face bases like BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizer. I’m so excited to try this one out! Could you believe this has been marked down to Php 495??

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation in 208– This is another item that has been marked down to Php 495. I’m excited to try this product as well and I am reserving this for when summer is gone and I can wear foundation again!

Vitamin E Eye Cream – I seriously need an eye cream! An eye cream is not usually part of my skincare routine but I’ve recently realized how much I need it! I have dark undereyes from lack of sleep and I’ve spotted some fine lines around my eye area which I think are due to stress. I hope this product will do wonders for my eye area! I don’t want to be 25 and look like I’m 55 with all these unwanted fine lines!

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion – I’ve always been conscious of the dark spots and acne scars around my cheeks and chin. I’ve tried a few products to lighten the pigmentation but I haven’t really found a product that did wonders! I have really high hopes for this product so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this! By the way, this lotion and the eye cream are part of the Buy 1 Get 1 display in the store. So what you can do is that you can mix and match any of the products under that BOGO display. You can get two items of the same price and just pay for 1 item or you can get 2 items with different prices but you have to pay the item with the higher price.

Not to be a bad influence or anything, I suggest that you head on to the Beauty Bar and The Body Shop while these sales last! I think the Body Shop sale is only until this week so you better hurry!



7 thoughts on “Haul: Smashbox, The Balm, Happy Skin & The Body Shop

  1. Matromao says:

    Very good sale haul. I walked into The Body Shop, but didn’t find anything to interesting. Would’ve bought the blueberry body wash, but I remembered that I still have a whole unused bottle at home.

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      Thanks! I’ve been eyeing some of their body wash and body butters as well. But, I didn’t buy any. Haha. I noticed though that most people in the store where hoarding body wash and body butters! 🙂

  2. Steph says:

    Hi Ghia, just found out your blog. Great picks by the way! How’s the Happy Skin Eyeliner? gusto ko rin yan i’try. 😀
    I just posted my recent collective haul, I hope you could check it out too. 🙂

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      Hi Steph! Glad you found my blog! I love the Happy Skin Eyeliner! I’ve been using it everyday which is surprising because I usually skip eyeliner everyday! But I love it! I’ll do detailed review on it soon! 🙂

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