Makeup School Adventures Day 3


I recently enrolled in makeup school and have already skipped 3 out of my 5 classes! Damn you, WORK! My batchmates have already “graduated” and it makes me feel like a slacker in school!  Haha. Good thing my school schedules sit-in classes for those sessions that I’ve missed!

The school gave me a schedule to join today’s class which tackled SMOKEY EYES. Technically, if I kept up with my course schedule, the smokey eyes look is set for day 4 of the course. But, this is just my third day of attending makeup school. Hence, the title.

I was really excited to go to school today because I wanted to learn how to do a proper smokey eye. I know this look is a bit tricky. I had to mentally prepare myself for my mediocre blending skills to be put to the test. And yes, it did involve an insane amount of blending!

Like usual, today’s topic started with the students putting on the base, contouring and shaping and filling in the eyebrows. Our instructor, Mr. Mio Robo, then gave us a brief discussion on smokey eyes and proceeded to do a demonstration using one of the students as the model.

Apparently, smokey eyes originated in the 1920s back when flapper girls ruled the party scene! This look is characterized by an intense and dramatic eye makeup and is not only confined to the use of black eyeshadow. The traditional way of doing a smokey eye is to only use a single eyeshadow color . That single color may be black, brown, blue, green or plum.  It’s a matter of preference really and involves a lot of blending.


For today’s look, I used a teal/green color. I wanted to challenge myself by using a color that I don’t usually go for. I initially tried using a deep brown color and it just made my eyes look like I was an evil witch! Haha. Besides, our instructor commented that dark earth-toned eyeshadows would not work for me at night given that I have a brownish complexion. I must say though that I really love the look that I came up with!


If you are going for a smokey eye look, use a foundation with medium to full coverage. But if you have great skin, a sheer foundation will work great! Since smokey eyes are generally worn at night, you may contour 3-4 shades darker than you normally would just so it would stand out. Blush and lips should be kept neutral since the focus should be on the eyes.


For the eyes, I applied my teal/green eyeshadow all over my lids up to the eye socket area. The key to this look is to gently blend out the harsh edges to make it look as if the eyeshadow is slightly fading upward. I then lined my waterline with black eyeliner and a little bit of the green eyeshadow. I also lined my upper lash line with the black eyeliner and I applied a black liquid eyeliner close to my upper lashes. I also added some false eyelashes after applying mascara to my natural lashes. I must say that I’m not comfortable wearing false eyelashes (heck, I’m not even comfortable curling my lashes!) but it definitely gave this look an added oompph!

I am now super excited to try out smokey eyes with other colors! I’m thinking blue or purple! I’ll definitely blog about it if I came up with a decent look! Haha.



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