Unboxing the May 2014 BDJ Box: Summer Radiance


This is sort of a late post since I received my BDJ Box last Monday. Nevertheless, I’d like to share this unboxing post with you because I got some really neat stuff in this month’s box!

The theme of this month’s box is Summer Radiance. Summer will be over soon and our skin and even our hair definitely needs to recharge after experiencing the blaring heat of the summer’s sun! This month’s BDJ Box contains a good mix of skincare and hair care products that will bring back the glow in our skin and hair. Oh and the box includes some nail polishes as well!


Organix Hair Care Set

This sample set includes 3 variants of their shampoo and conditioner and a sample of their Moroccan Argan Oil. A full size bottle of their shampoo and conditioner costs Php 499 for a 13oz bottle while a full size bottle of the Argan Oil costs Php 499 for a 3.3oz bottle.

I’ve tried the Argan Oil from this brand before and I remember liking it! But, I’m really excited to try out their shampoos and conditioners.

Godiva Lico White Whitening Lotion (100 ml / Php 120) and Godiva Lico White Antiperspirant Deodorant (40 ml / Php 79)

I’ve never tried anything from this brand before and I don’t think I’ve read any reviews for this brand before. Hmmm. I’m excited to try this though and God knows my skin needs some whitening! I’ve stayed under the sun way too much this summer! Haha.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack (100 ml / Php 689)

I’m so excited to try this product just because I’ve never tried a sleeping pack before! This sleeping pack is said to moisturize, exfoliate and shield the skin from our dry environment. I have to figure out how to use this product because the packaging is in Korean. I’m not certain if it’s Korean though!

Revlon Nail Polishes in Bonsai and Bare Bones (11.7 ml / Php 325)

Yay! So happy that I got these nail polishes! I’m also looking forward to adding new polishes to my collection! I’m not excited about the polish in Bonsai though (light green). I’m not just drawn to those kinds of colors and I don’t think I can wear one! I’m in love with Bare Bones (nude color) though!


Dermal Sheet Mask (Php 140)

I love sheet masks! I feel that they really do a lot to the skin in terms of moisturizing. These sheet masks contain nutritional active ingredients that nourishes the skin and brings back its natural radiance. There are 36 variants of these sheet masks that address different skin issues.


Gift vouchers, gift vouchers and more gift vouchers!

BDJ Box always includes a bunch of gift vouchers on a monthly basis! I’m most excited about the free Avon bra which I could claim from any Avon branch! Exciting!

I’m really happy about this month’s BDJ Box! I’m excited to try out the Organix Hair Care Sheet, the Pumpkin Sleeping Pack and the nail polish! Kudos BDJ team! I can’t wait for next month’s box!



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