The New Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes!


Nail aficionados rejoice with me! I recently found out that our local drugstores now carry the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes! I’m not sure how long they have been available in our stores. I almost didn’t notice them on the Maybelline counter because they were stocked on the lowest shelf.

Each nail polish bottle costs Php 99. I was surprised at how affordable this was because I believe this costs more than Php 200 at Luxola!!

The color selection at the Watson’s brand I went to was not that good. I think there were only about 10 colors to choose from. Nevertheless, the colors that were available were really pretty!


The colors that I got are Shocking Seas (a nice bright blue), Crazy Berry (a deep eggplant violent) and Buried Treasure (a glittery taupe with tiny hints of purple glitters).


I’m so excited to try out these nail polishes! I hope that the formula is amazing and long-lasting! Oh and I hope Maybelline will bring in more colors!



7 thoughts on “The New Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes!

  1. Nathalie says:

    Ooh, I think I like Crazy Berry. I have been looking for a very dark (but not black) nail polish for some time now and so far I haven’t found a hue dark enough for my liking. I hope the local Watson’s has these too. 🙂

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