Makeup School Adventures Day 4


I’m feeling a bit sentimental as I write this post because this will be my second to the last blog post about makeup school. I enrolled for 5 sessions and I had my 4th session yesterday!  One more session to go!

Yesterday’s class was all about Makeup for Photography. I came into class early and was instructed to apply my base and do a day, evening or smokey eye look. Basically, any look may be done for photography makeup. However, here are some points to remember when doing makeup for the purpose of being photographed:

1. The base should be flawless. With high-tech cameras nowadays, chances are every area of your face will be captured. Therefore, blemishes, fine lines and discoloration will be visible. Let’s just say that a flawless base would not need Photoshop. Haha.

2. Consider the lighting. I’ve never been to a real photo shoot but I’m sure that there’ll be a lot of insane lighting what with the camera flashes and all. The makeup should be intense so that it would not be washed out by the lights. The eye makeup must be applied well so that the color would look opaque when photographed. One may also contour and highlight 2-3 shades darker so the effect may be seen on the photo.

I decided to go with a smokey eye look because I wanted to practice my blending skills. I chose to work with a deep purple color and decided to wing out my eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.


I had a hard time applying false eyelashes! You could see that a white line appears along the black liner that I’ve applied. Yeah, that was the eyelash glue. I initially applied the false eyelashes way above my lash line and the glue that was left there dried out into a thin white line. Bummer, I know! It definitely requires a lot of concentration and skill in applying false eyelashes! Haha.


I must say that I found it hard doing a smokey eye with a matte eyeshadow. You really need to pack on the color because you wouldn’t want to have blank patches. Also, matte eyeshadows are more chalky in consistency, so you should watch out for any fallout. When dealing with eyeshadow fallout, you may use shadow shields to catch the fallout. Another trick that I’ve learned in makeup school is to thickly apply powder on your under eye area and once done with your eye makeup, you may just sweep out the powder with a powder brush.


After everyone of us in the class were done with our makeup, our photos were taken and were projected on a monitor. Ms. Yuki, our instructor for that class, examined our photos to check our makeup and give comments. Her comment for my work was on my eye makeup. When my photo was zoomed into the eye makeup, she noted that there were some blank patches on my eye makeup.

Lesson learned: Apply the eyeshadow as opaquely as possible especially when working with matte eyeshadows!


Hope you enjoyed this edition of my makeup school adventures. Watch out for my last edition next week!



4 thoughts on “Makeup School Adventures Day 4

  1. Rae says:

    Purple! 😀 You still did great though. For the ordinary eye. And since I’m not a model, I’m sure no one would zoom in my photo 😀

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