Cream Blush Favorites


I’m a blush addict. Okay, okay, I’m a makeup addict. But, blushes are probably my second favorite makeup items next to lipsticks! I admit I prefer powder blushes to cream blushes because I find that powder blushes stay longer on my face.

I’ve tried a few cream blushes and while some of them are mediocre in my opinion, there are still some which stood out to me. As you may have already guessed from the title, I’ll be sharing my favorite cream blushes in this blog post.


I have a good mix of drugstore and pricier brands in my cream blush favorites. So let’s delve right into it shall we?



NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

This, I think, is the very first cream blush I’ve ever purchased and I still love it up to this day! This blush is SUPER pigmented. Too bad I took a crappy photo of the swatch, but the swatch looks deeper and more vibrant in person! The shade is a nice coral pink color which would look good on any skin tones. NYX Cream Blushes are very soft and very blendable and build-able. A word of caution though; these cream blushes are very pigmented. It’s best to apply a tiny amount first and build on from there. This blush also has great staying power even on my oily skin.


Carmen Claire

Carmen Claire Kiss My Apples Lip and Cheek Cream in Berry Buttercream

I love Carmen Claire cosmetics! Carmen Claire is a local brand which sells great quality makeup items! I’m a fan of their lipsticks and when I learned they were doing cream blushes, I knew I just had to get me one! Β Their cream blush in Berry Buttercream is very similar to the NYX cream blush in Glow in color, pigmentation, consistency and staying power. The only difference is that this blush also doubles as lip tint!



Smashbox Airblush Whipped Cheek Color in Berry Bliss

This cream blush is the most unique out of all the cream blushes that I own because of its whipped consistency. This cream blush is my go-to blush at the moment because I love its color and the subtle flush it gives my cheeks. This is not as pigmented as the NYX and Carmen Claire blushes but I still love it because it looks very natural on the cheeks and stays on my face for about 4-6 hours!


Julie Hewitt

Julie Hewitt Cheekie Cheek and Lip Shine Palette in Jami

Like the Smashbox blush, this cheek and lip tint from Julie Hewitt is not as pigmented. But I love it for the same reason as I love the Smashbox blush. This blush looks very subtle on the cheeks but if you are going for a more intense color, you can definitely build it up.

What are your favorite cream blushes? Do you prefer cream blushes to powder blushes? Please comment below coz I’d love to know!



12 thoughts on “Cream Blush Favorites

  1. effiewright11 says:

    I love blushes too, but was scared of them for a long time when I first started wearing makeup! Having oily skin, I prefer powder blushes from Sleek and Benefit, but if I’m doing a “no makeup” makeup look I love a cream blush flush! The bourjois ones are good if you haven’t tried them πŸ™‚ love the look of your collection though!

  2. Roxanne says:

    I love powder blush more ‘coz the cream blush is complicated to apply..haha! but I like the staying power of a cream blush.. How do you apply cream blush? before foundation or after? :/

  3. Lisella says:

    I got an awesome Laura Mercier Cream blush palette in my Nina Garcia Quarterly box. I’ve also been lusting after the apples one from “The Balm”, but I can’t justify buying more cream blush at the moment.

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