The Cream Factory & Saforelle Blogger Event


Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending The Cream Factory’s 2nd Blogger Event! The event was held at the Because, Inc. office. Because, Inc. is the company that brought the brands Saforelle and The Cream Factory to the Philippines.

The Because, Inc. office is such a cool place! The place is so homey and very relaxing!


The event itself was a great one! It started with a presentation about the company, Because, Inc., and they went into detail by discussing the company’s two current brands, The Cream Factory and Saforelle.


As a Filipina, I am happy that there is a company like Because, Inc. that recognizes our needs and fills in those needs by  providing unique, affordable and great quality products in the market.

Saforelle is Because, Inc.’s answer to every Filipina’s intimate hygiene needs. This brand is the leading intimate wash in France. It’s a gentle intimate wash made with Burdock extract and is specifically formulated for daily use.


It is said to address problems such as dryness, itchiness and irritation in a woman’s private area. Saforelle is now available at South Star Drugstores and will soon be available in Watsons outlets!


The Cream Factory is practically what every Filipina wants in a bath product. I mean, I can’t speak for every Filipina out there, but The Cream Factory bath products are everything I could ever ask for in a bath product!

The Cream Factory bath products are made from all-natural goat’s milk from the Netherlands which make them very smooth and moisturizing to the skin.


Look at all these yummy goodness! The Cream Factory Bath Creams come in 9 variants!


The Scrub-in-a-Tub Body Scrub is a favorite of mine! They come in three variants: Salty, Yummy and Creamy.


The Because, Inc. team shared some really exciting news about The Cream Factory during the event and it’s about their #BathRevolution! With this #BathRevolution, The Cream Factory products are now more accessible since they are now available at Watsons branches. You may now also purchase the mini bottles (7.5 fl oz) individually! Plus, they now have a special promo going on with discounted prices for a limited time only!

As if all these exciting stuff weren’t enough, they now have this mini van that you’ll soon be seeing around the Metro where you can check out The Cream Factory products!


Another fun thing about this event is that I got to meet these two lovely beauty bloggers whose blogs I read and adore! It was great meeting you, Tina and Katsy!


It was a fun-filled event and I was so happy to be able to chat with fellow bloggers and some members of the Because, Inc. team! Shout out to Pau who I had a very nice conversation about makeup! Haha!


Oh and I went home with this awesome loot of products!


Make sure to follow The Cream Factory and Saforelle in their social media accounts for more updates on these brands!

Facebook: The Cream Factory & Saforelle

Twitter: @TCFph (don’t forget to use the hashtags #BathRevolution & #DessertForTheSkin) & @SaforellePh



4 thoughts on “The Cream Factory & Saforelle Blogger Event

  1. Roxanne says:

    Nice! I love their bath creams! haven’t tried the scrub and saforelle yet.. 😦 can’t wait for their mini van..sana maabutan ko sila sa malapit lang.. 🙂 where can I see the list of selected branches pala??? 🙂

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      You should try the body scrubs! I definitely love them and I highly recommend them! I’m not sure if they are available in ALL Watsons outlets already. But, I’ll ask them if they have a list of branches where the products are available. 🙂

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