Goddess Beauty Gossip with Donah from Sweet Jelly Bean


I’m so excited to finally kick off Goddess Beauty Gossip which will be a monthly feature on this blog! Every month, I will be featuring a fellow beauty blogger or a friend of mine who is also addicted to beauty. The featured person will answer a few beauty related questions relating to their Beauty Life, Beauty Loves and Beauty Wishlist.

For this month’s featured person, I got in touch with a beauty blogger who I really admire. She is actually one of the first bloggers I had a social media interaction with when I first started blogging. She is a Filipina, but she lives in the US.

Fellow beauty gossipers, I would like you all to meet Donah of Sweet Jelly Bean. Donah is a mother of one and is really as sweet as jelly beans! Her blog is amazing because she takes the most beautiful photos and she makes drool-worthy nail art!

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My Beauty Life

1. When did your makeup/beauty addiction start?
Few months after I started blogging! Funny that?
2. Do you remember the first ever makeup item you’ve bought? What was it and have you repurchased it since then?
This is a tough one since I really don’t have any recollection. But I would say, lipstick. I’m almost 99% sure that my first makeup purchase was a lipstick. 
3. What is one makeup item do you splurge on the most? 
I can splurge on palettes (lipsticks, eyeshadows or blushes) just like I got myself the Naked 3, which in my book is a splurge. 
4. The beauty advice that you live by…
No particular advice that comes to mind but if there’s one thing I prioritize, that would be my skincare routine. When my skin looks great, I feel better that sometimes I skip makeup. And when it comes to skincare, splurging is never an issue, especially if I know it will make a huge difference on my skin. 
My Beauty Loves
1. What do you prefer, drugstore or high-end makeup? Why?
 I’ll be honest, I own more drugstore makeup products compared to high end up ones, primarily because of price difference and availability. And some of these drugstore brands work as good as high end ones anyway.
2. If I go through your makeup collection, I’ll see an abundance of _______? (i.e. lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, foundation, nail polish)
Lipsticks/balms/tints/crayons! I have almost 100 right now and then followed by nail polishes! 
3. What is the one makeup item that you cannot live without?
 Lip balm. Just can’t go without it. (Did you see the latest addition to my lip balm family? Unicorn Farts. No kidding)
My Beauty Wishlist
1. What is the one beauty item that you’ve been saving up for? 
There’s a particular brand from Korea called Espoir and I’ve been obsessing over their lip products lately. I guess I’m subconsciously saving for that. 
2. If you were to have one YouTube beauty guru’s or makeup artist’s makeup stash as your own, who would it be?
No question, Michelle Phan! 

 Thanks Donah for answering my questions! You guys, please check out Donah’s blog because she is just amazing! Oh and did I tell you that her nail art rocks? Here are some pictures and see for yourself!



(pictures courtesy of Donah’s Instagram)

Check out her links and give her some love!

Blog – http://www.sweetjellybean.com/ 

Twitter – @sweetjellybean5

Facebook – SweetJellyBean

Instagram – @sweetjellybean5




9 thoughts on “Goddess Beauty Gossip with Donah from Sweet Jelly Bean

  1. Hollie says:

    Oh, this is sooo neat! I’ve actually already read a few on Donah’s post before, glad I found her link here again! it’s so nice of you to do this, this way I can actually discover blogs worth reading ^_^

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