Product Review: Catrice Matt Mouse Makeup & Camouflage Cream


In one of my previous posts, I’ve announced that Catrice Cosmetics is now available in the Philippines! I grabbed a couple of their face products and I’ll be reviewing them in today’s blog post.


Matt Mousse Makeup in Warm Beige

This mousse type foundation is specifically made for oily skin and has a matte finish. Shade match wise, I feel that the shade suits me nicely. In terms of coverage, I find that it has a medium to full coverage depending on how much product you apply on. As to its blendability, it’s very easy to blend with a brush, a sponge or even just your fingers. This foundation is also very affordable at Php 399!

I found the texture of this product quite weird at first but that’s just because I have never tried a mousse type foundation before. I’ve heard of the Maybelline Mousse Foundation before but never really had an inkling to try that one out. But, I’m kinda thinking of trying the Maybelline one and comparing it with the Catrice one.

So far, I’ve been enjoying this foundation from Catrice! I love its coverage and I love how it sets well with my oily skin! I find that it lasts on me for a good 5 hours before I see the need to retouch. My skin is really oily and the fact that this foundation has hit the 5-hour mark with me is a definite winner in my book! 

Camouflage Cream in Rosy Beige

This concealer is said to have full coverage and it does! It’s creamy texture makes it a joy to apply and I love the fact that it doesn’t get cakey throughout the day even if I set it with powder. I use this concealer mostly on my under eye area because I find that it instantly brightens that area. 

The only thing that is a bummer with this product is its shade selection. Rosy Beige is already the darkest color available in the counter that I went to and it is still too light for me. That is why I prefer using it to brighten up my dark under eye circles! 

From the swatches below, you can see that the mousse foundation is almost the same as my natural color. But the concealer is really light.



Swatches from left to right: Matt Mousse Makeup in Warm Beige & Camouflage Cream in Rosy Beige

And here’s my scary-looking face using the products! Haha.



So far, I’m loving the combination of these two products on my face! I have also been trying to combine these products with foundations/concealers from other brands and I have been liking those combinations as well! I particularly enjoy combining the camouflage cream with my Revlon Colorstay Foundation. But, that’s a different story, or shall I say blog post, all together.



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