A Few Handy Airbrush Makeup Tips, Yes, You Can Do It


Airbrush makeup has really changed the world of beauty. To a budding makeup artist like me, it’s a technique that I’ve always wanted to learn. Luckily, airbrush makeup kits are now more accessible in the market. There are also classes that specialize in this technique while articles about this wonderful technique are all over the magazines and the web.  Here’s a great article by The Salon Outlet on handy airbrush makeup tips and tricks. _________________________________________________________________________________

Once you get the hang of applying makeup using an airbrush makeup kit, you will be astonished at the clear, professional results you can achieve.  There are a few major benefits which mean that it is surely worth the effort to master the techniques.

Airbrush Makeup gives full coverage with a smooth, sheer texture – applying foundation using an airbrush ensures that you get high cover with a thin, silky texture. The foundation is dispersed evenly and sheer leaving a flawless, professional finish whilst using only a minimum amount of the foundation  makeup.

fashion make-up

Refined Patterns – new airbrushes and makeup techniques have resulted in a refined spray dot pattern which is fabulous even when using High Res Digital Photography.  A smooth, seamless finish is guaranteed every time.

Speed of Application – once you get the hang of it applying foundation makeup using an airbrush is a quick and easy thing to do.

Longevity and Durability – properly applied airbrush foundation will last the whole day long and keep looking fresh and smooth.


Applying Airbrush Makeup

Take it slowly in the beginning and you’ll soon pick up speed and learn the technique to apply flawless makeup.  Make sure that when you attach the airbrush to the air-hose of the compressor there is an airtight seal. Some airbrush makeup kits have a built in regulator or a bleed valve which helps with the precision control needed for the best results.

Start off by placing just a few drops of foundation into the feed cup of the airbrush, you really don’t need to use too much at any one time. The average foundation will need only 6 or 8 drops of product and putting too much makeup into the pot is just a waste and makes cleaning more difficult when you have finished.  If you do need a little more makeup cover it’s easy enough to add a few extra drops of the product.

Next it is time to turn on the compressor and choose the right pressure for the application.  Generally speaking the higher the pressure the more product will be sprayed and the less control you will have. If you opt for a lower pressure you will have more control over the airbrush which is highly advisable whilst you are still learning the techniques.  Start off by spraying only air, pressing the trigger and testing the pressure until you get it just right.

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Whilst the air is spraying from the makeup gun move towards your (or your clients) face to get used to the blowing sensation before you actually start applying the makeup.  When you feel ready to begin pull the trigger slowly back whilst pressing it down to release the makeup.  You don’t need to pull the trigger right back, find a balance until you are releasing the optimum amount of makeup.

The best place to test the color of the foundation is along the jaw-line being careful to maintain an even distance of between three and six inches, slowly moving along the side of the face until the covering is complete. Try not to linger too long in any one place as it will only result in the heavy build up of the product.  A beautiful, more natural finish can be achieved by multiple passes across the face rather than hanging around for too long in one area.

Practice on yourself, your friends and your family until you get it just right – you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

For a good range of airbrush makeup kits check out The Salon Outlet.



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Salon Outlet


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