Goddess Beauty Gossip with Veronica of The Beauty Archive!


Let’s all give a warm welcome to Veronica of The Beauty Archive! Veronica is just as beauty obsessed as most of us are and her blog really shows her love for makeup and all things related to beauty!  Her blog has all the good stuff: product reviews, hauls, product favorites and I even read a post on a lemonade recipe! 

Veronica is such a lovely girl and she was gracious enough to gamely answer my gossip-y  beauty questions for this installment of Goddess Beauty Gossip! Thanks Veronica and I hope to meet you one day instead of just interacting with you through the comments section of our blogs! 


My Beauty Life

1.     When did your makeup/beauty addiction start?

Well I’ve been wearing makeup since I was in 7th grade or so, but the addiction truly didn’t start until I was a sophomore in high school – this is when I discovered the beauty community on Youtube and people like Blair Fowler and Ingrid Nelson whoso skin types and skin tones used to match up with me really well.

2.     Do you remember the first ever makeup item you’ve bought? What was it and have you repurchased it since then?

I actually have a whole post dedicated to my first makeup purchase/experience, it was MAC Face and Body, and I actually haven’t repurchased just because after I finished it I was so excited to go onto the next thing and try something new. But I think I may repurchase it soon because I’ve been hearing a lot about it recently.

3.     What is one makeup item do you splurge on the most?

Oh this one is a toughie, but probably foundation and blush. I used to have pretty bad acne, so I needed more coverage from my foundation and I found that nothing at the drugstore was cutting it so I moved on up to high end foundation. As for blush, once I discovered NARS blushes I was hooked, it’s my favorite brand overall, but particularly their blushes – I highly recommend them!

4.     The beauty advice that you live by…

Blend, blend and blend! I just think that taking an extra couple of seconds to blend in your products really makes a difference in the way your makeup looks, and makes it all look more put together.


My Beauty Loves

1.     What do you prefer, drugstore or high-end makeup? Why?

This would definitely have to be high-end! I know my bank account wishes I preferred drugstore makeup, but that is not the case. I’m not sure exactly why I prefer it, I just think I tend to have better luck with high-end, when I buy something from say Sephora or a department store I’m almost never disappointed, but I find with drugstore it’s very hit or miss and I find that I dislike about half of what I buy.

2.     If I go through your makeup collection, I’ll see an abundance of _________? (i.e. lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, foundation, nail polish)

Probably blush and nail polish, I absolutely love blush and what it does to the face I feel like whenever I do my makeup even if I’m doing the bare minimum, blush is a must for me. As for the nail polish, I used to have a real addiction to it, not so much anymore, I still wear it every day but I’m not buying bottles of it like it’s going out of style!

3. What is the one makeup item that you cannot live without?

Definitely foundation or mascara. I feel like I say foundation almost as a reflex just because my skin used to be super bad and I had a lot of things to cover up, but my skin is relatively even now. And mascara is always a must because my lashes are pretty sparse – at least in my opinion so I like to darken them up and try and make it looks like I have more than I do.

My Beauty Wishlist

1.     What is the one beauty item that you’ve been saving up for?

Hmm there are a lot of luxury items I’d like to get my hands on but the thing that comes to mind first is the Tom Ford eye shadow quad in Coco Mirage – it’s pretty basic shades but I’ve been lusting over it for the past 6 months or so and I just cannot bring myself to spend that much on only four shadows – maybe if a really good ebates comes up for a department store that sells it I’ll purchase it.

2.     If you were to have one YouTube beauty guru’s or makeup artist’s makeup stash as your own, who would it be?

Oh I like this question! It would have to be either Elle Fowler or Nicole Guerriero.


Be sure to check out Veronica and give her love in all her social media accounts!

Blog: http://thebeautyarchive.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @beautyarchive

Instagram: @thebeautyarchive 




4 thoughts on “Goddess Beauty Gossip with Veronica of The Beauty Archive!

  1. thebeautyarchive says:

    This was so much fun to do, thank you for featuring me as one of your bloggers! It was a great honer to be recognized by a fellow beauty addict. You never know maybe one day we will meet each other!

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