August Beauty & Skincare Favorites!


How was your August? August has been a great month for me! I managed to squeeze in a short vacation and this past month has been more relaxed for me. 

Beauty and skincare wise, I’ve had quite a good amount of luck in terms of the products that I’ve tried this month. I went back to my makeup-wearing ways this past month so you’ll see a bunch of makeup items in this post!


The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimiser is a lovely product! I don’t find it to control the oil on my face as much as I have hoped. But, I find that it makes my face a smoother and more even canvas before applying foundation or BB cream. This pore minimiser perfectly complements The Body Shop’s Tea Tree BB Cream! This BB cream is suitable for blemished skin and it really does a great job of covering up blemishes and making my skin tone more even! The formula is so lightweight which makes this BB cream perfect for the Philippines’ tropical weather! In case you missed my blog post on my current blush picks, I’ve been really loving The Balm’s Cabana Boy! It’s mauvish-pink color is just perfection! For lips, I’ve been having quite an obsession with brownish-nude lipsticks! Revlon’s Super Lustruous Lipstick in Mink has been my favorite this past month! I really think that I found my perfect nude in this color! I have also been loving Happy Skin Cosmetics Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Honeymoon Glow! This color is one of the latest additions to their range and I love its beautiful pinkish-nude color! It reminds me a lot of MAC Twig which is probably my favorite lipstick from MAC!



As far as makeup removers go, I prefer using oil-based products. I find that oil-based makeup removers can take off even the most stubborn budge-proof and waterproof makeup! The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil is not only a great makeup remover, but it is also an awesome cleansing oil. Being a cleansing oil, it not only removes makeup, but it also removes any dirt from the face. I love that even though this product is oil-based, it doesn’t give out that sticky feeling that other oil-based makeup removers that I’ve tried give.

The Nivea 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes is a product that I received from my July BDJ Box. I  opted out of doing an unboxing post on the July box because I totally found the products in that box to be boring. However, this pack of exfoliating wipes proved to be a wonderful discovery! It’s basically a facial wipe but it’s texture feels like it has tiny beads in it and that’s what makes it exfoliating! It takes off any dirt and oil from the face really well and its exfoliating quality is not too rough or abrasive on the skin. I use this a couple of times a week right after I’ve removed my makeup with The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil.


Another product that I received from my July BDJ Box is a sample of the Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner. I fell in love with this product so much that I immediately got the full size! If you’re like me who hates applying lotion after stepping out of the shower because of the sticky feeling that you get, then this product is for you! It is basically a lotion but is applied in the shower and should be rinsed off after application. This product is very moisturizing without the sticky feeling that most lotions give!

Hope you had a lovely August! Cheers to an exciting and productive September!



7 thoughts on “August Beauty & Skincare Favorites!

  1. thebeautyarchive says:

    I absolutely love the Nivea in shower moisturizer, I got mine in a swap from a girl from the UK, but it’s amazing! Also could you do a separate review of the body shop cleansing oil? I’ve been hear so much about it I’m really curious!

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