The Face Shop Nail Polish Haul


I just wanted to quickly check in to share a mini nail polish haul that I did when I visited The Face Shop recently. I really like The Face Shop’s nail polishes! I think out of all the Korean brands available in the Philippines, The Face Shop has some of the best quality nail polishes out there!


These nail polishes don’t have names which is a bummer! I like it when nail polishes have names! It’s more fun to say something like “I have Maximillian Strasse-Her by Essie on nails” instead of saying “I have this dark blue nail polish by The Face Shop on my nails”. Haha.

Anyway, the colors that I got are this bright blue color (I probably own other polishes similar to this but what the heck!), an indigo color and a very, very dark green color! Gosh, I’m really bad at describing colors so I’ll let the picture speak for itself!

Have a great day!



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