Unboxing the Memebox Special #28 All About Eyes!


I was sent another Memebox and this time around, I’m jumping up and down with excitement because of this particular box! The box that I received is the Memebox Special #28 All About Eyes box. If the name of the box doesn’t give it away, the box contains products for the eyes. This box definitely covered all “eye needs” that I could think of from mascara to eyeliner and undereye concealer!


Box description:

“Shut up your lips and let your eyes do the talking. Need a lift? Wrinkles, bags, crow’s feet – they don’t stand a chance against this easy plan. Pamper and brighten eyes with eye treatments that work to diminish the look of dark circles, under eye shadows and fine lines. Go from daytime eyes to lush evening eyes in a flash with versatile colored shadows and easy glide-on liners! Enhance your eyes with a do-all mascara that promises lush, defined, mile-long lashes with the swipe of a wand!”


The box generously contains 8, yes 8, full sized products! As I was unboxing this box, I got more and more excited as I saw each product in this box. If you’re an eye product fiend like me, you’d definitely understand! Now, let’s see what this box contains!


YniPicture-Esque 3 Dots Eyeliner (0.9 ml / $9)

This eyeliner comes with a unique brush that has 3 ends or tips. This type of brush works to thoroughly fill in between the lashes and to create a more defined eye look. This eyeliner is said to set quickly and is long-lasting. I imagine that this eyeliner with this type of brush would make creating cat-eyes or flicks a little bit easier. Definitely excited to try this eyeliner and practice on drawing my flicks!


Here is a crappy photo of the eyeliner brush. Can you see the ends of the brush?


Karadium Line Hero Auto Gel Liner Pencil (2.5 g / $12)

This auto liner claims to take only 10 seconds to dry after application and is waterproof with a strong water-resistant formula. I tried swatching this liner at the back of my hand and I found it to have a very opaque black color with hints of gold and silver shimmers. It glides on really smoothly as well and it did dry quickly! I also found it to be smudge and budge-proof as it didn’t move when I rubbed on it! I can’t wait to try this on my eyes! I think this will be a great product for tight lining the upper lash line!


Sally’s Box Friendly Collagen Eye Patch (4.5 g x 2 / $2)

This eye patch is said to give rich moisture and nutrition to dry, sensitive or aging eye contours. This eye patch is formulated with collagen that works to tighten up sagging skin. This product would work great on a more mature woman. But, I think even younger women may benefit from this product. It’s never to early to try and take care of your under eye area especially it is one of the areas in our face that visibly ages through time.


Cheek Room Curl & Volume Mascara (8 g / $18)

I love, love, love mascaras! It’s probably the only makeup product that I don’t eliminate from my makeup routine! This Cheek Room mascara looks promising as it is said to give great volume and curl to the lashes. And don’t you just love the pin up girl on this mascara’s packaging?

share(77) Cheek Room Eye Shadow in 05 Pink Coral (5 g / $8)

This eyeshadow which is formulated with Art Pearl formula and rich in minerals is resistant to sebum, water or sweat. This eyeshadow also claims to maintain its pastel color radiance all day long. I have really oily eyelids and I always use a primer to keep my eyeshadow from moving. Although the color of the eyeshadow is not what I usually reach for, I’m excited to try how this eyeshadow performs! Besides, Halloween is coming up and who knows what kind of look I might create with such a bright eyeshadow color!


Secret Star Girl S-Style (2 sets / $7)

Ohh lashes!! I just recently got into experimenting with false eyelashes and I’m glad Memebox included 2 sets of natural-looking lashes!


MDaida Wonder Eye Volume Filler (2.7 g / $41)

This product is a highly enriched serum for underneath the eyes. It is used to brighten the under eye area and to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The product’s formula is also free of any parabens and other harmful ingredients. I’m really excited to try this product because my under eye area is quite dark and I have yet to try an eye cream that works for me.


MDaida Wonder Pen Concealer SPF45 PA++ (2.7 g / $ 34)

I’m really interested about this concealer because it is said to be personally recommended by various makeup artists in Korea! This concealer comes in an easy-to-click pen with a brush at the end and is said to highlight dark under eyes. Well, I do have dark under eyes and I have no doubt that I’ll be trying out this product!

The All About Eyes Memebox is definitely an exciting box! All the products in the box are definitely the kinds of products that I like and enjoy experimenting with. I particularly love how the box contains a good mix of eye products for creating a great eye look and for taking care of the skin around our eye area. I am most excited to try the YniPicture-Esque 3 Dots Eyeliner and the MDaida Wonder Pen Concealer. But, I’m definitely going to try every product in this box and I will report back with a blog post as to how I liked or disliked a particular product.

The All About Eyes Memebox is available at their website for $29.

You may use this code K02V93 to get $5 off on your purchases from September 15-30, 2014! Check out their website to see the beauty boxes that they offer! http://us.memebox.com/


Disclaimer: This box was sent to me as a PR sample. My opinions on the box are based on my own thoughts and experience (so far) with the box. 🙂



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