What’s New from Happy Skin Cosmetics?


I’m so thrilled to share some new bits that I got from Happy Skin Cosmetics! Happy Skin Cosmetics is a local brand here in the Philippines that provides high quality makeup products that care for the skin. Cute and eye-catching packaging aside, this brand consistently delivers in terms of product quality and has truly become a game-changer in the local beauty industry. Yes, the products that they offer are not necessarily unique in the sense that other brands also offer foundations, blushes and lipsticks. But Happy Skin Cosmetics offer these kinds of products on a different level as each product perfectly complements Filipinas.

In celebration of the brand’s 1st anniversary, it recently (as in a few days ago!) came out with a limited edition set of its famous line of Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies called the Forbidden Fruit Set. This line of lippies is my favorite product/s from this brand because the formula is very moisturizing yet very long-lasting!


The lippies are housed in a very cute tin casing which can totally be recycled to house tiny pieces of jewelry or smaller lipstick bullets.


The formula of these limited edition lippies are basically the same as the ones from the regular range. So you can definitely expect it to be moisturizing (due to its Shea Butter and Collagen content), highly pigmented and very long lasting.


I love how this set has all the types of lip color one can possibly need: a red, a nude and a berry color. The red color is called Mistletoe Kiss, the nude color is called Under The Sheets and the berry color is called Naughty and Nice. These lippies have a bit of a shine to them but they are still very wearable during the day and night. These lippies are also very easy to apply as they glide on smoothly. The pointed tips of the lippies are also great as they allow precision in application.


Another new release, which I believe is not limited edition, is the Eye Need A Miracle Corrector in the shade Salmon. Unlike the other Eye Need A Miracle Concealer which is more for the under eyes, this corrector works as an all-around product. It claims to hide dark under eye circles, scars, age spots, freckles, varicose and spider veins, bruises and birthmarks! I’m very excited about this corrector because as much as I wanted to try the concealer before, I felt that the color of that was too light for me.

These new products are now available for purchase online at the Happy Skin website. You may also check out their website to know which stores carry them locally.


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