Zoeva Makeup Brushes Haul!


I love Real Techniques Brushes like a mother loves its child! But there’s something about Zoeva Brushes that draw me to them! I’ve visited the Zoeva page on the Luxola website multiple times and trust me, I think I filled up a cart a hundred times only to hit the close button on my internet browser. Indecisive, I know!

But I finally caved a few days ago when Luxola was having a 40% off sale! I also had a lot of Luxola points (yeah, I’ve shopped on there a billion times before) that entitles me to scratch off around Php700 from my order. All in all without the discount and Luxola points, I would have paid around Php1,900. But I only ended up paying a little bit over Php500! Now that’s a great deal if you ask me!


I ended up getting the 4 brushes which have always been on my Zoeva wishlist. I’m so happy that I got a hold of these brushes because these have been sold out for forever on Luxola!


Here are the names of the brushes that I got. Click on the links below for the prices and detailed descriptions of each brush.

103 Defined Buffer Brush

221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush

227V Soft Definer Vegan Brush

322 Brow Line Brush

I’ll report back with detailed reviews on these brushes in the very near future! Next on my Zoeva wishlist are some of their face brushes which look really dense and soft! Yikes! Luxola should better have a great sale coming soon!

Have you tried any Zoeva Makeup Brushes? Share your thoughts on them!



12 thoughts on “Zoeva Makeup Brushes Haul!

  1. Angela Mendoza says:

    Hi im planning yo buy sigma brush in luxola, and i haven’t tried buying make-up brushes online. Ive been browsing some reviews for these online site and saw that you guys are frequent buyer can you help me know how many days it will take to the actual deluvery date after placing an order? And also is there any additional charge aside from the item price base on their post and shipping fee?

    I would be glad to hear from you pretty gladies.
    Thank you 😘

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      Hello Angela. Luxola is really great for online shopping! I’ve bought stuff from them lots of times and I’m really amazed with their wuick and smooth service. Orders arrive with 2-3 days from date of order and it arrives at your doorstep unlike other international online stores where you need to get the items that you ordered from the post office. Luxola offers free shipping if you’ve spent a certain amount (I think its php 1400). You should also sign up to their newsletter because they sometimes do free shipping. Hope this helps! Goodluck! 😀

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