The gel manicure experience at the comfort of your own home


I’ve never tried getting a gel manicure before. Have you? From what I’ve heard and the reviews I’ve read online about it, it’s a very long-lasting manicure that could last for weeks! The only thing that kinda turned me off about it is that I would have to go back to the nail salon to get it removed. I think it takes a special nail polish remover to take it off or something. So, meh.

But, because I’m such a lazy nutcase with self-diagnosed OCD, a gel manicure really appeals to me because I hate it when my nail polish starts to chip (my brain tells me to re-paint my nails to make them look nice again)! So, when I spotted a gel manicure set from Sally Hansen, my heart did a little bunjee jump!


Excuse my stubby fingers! Haha. This set comes with two products – the actual nail polish color and a top coat. These products can be bought separately but the sets are cheaper. The shade that I got is called Birthday Suit which is a basic nude shade.

This set claims that the color and shine will last for up to 14 days! Amazingly enough, the color and the shine really do last! I didn’t experience any chipping at all! Although around the 8th day, I decided to change the nail polish color on my finger nails because I got tired of the nude color. Haha. But, the shine and color was still good as new! I’ve had it longer on my toes and it reached the 14 day mark (I think even more!) with the shine and color still intact!

I love that I can take off the nail polish with any nail polish remover and it’s quite easy to take off as well. The only downside about this set is that the nail polish color and the top coat can only be used together. I tried using the top coat with an ordinary nail polish and the results weren’t that great.

I think this set is great because you can get a gel manicure at the comfort of your own home! I’m now eyeing other colors to try! If you’ve tried other colors from the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Line, I’d love to hear your recommendations!



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