Filling in the brows with the NYX Eyebrow Gel + Giveaway!


I consider myself a bit late in the brow game. If you were to talk to me a year ago about makeup, I bet you that I would never have mentioned brows! But, I’ve come to the realization that brows are IMPORTANT! They frame the face and therefore they stand out.

This year for me has been a big search for the perfect brow product. Have I found it? Nah. But the few bits that I found are enough to keep me and my brows happy. My latest brow discovery is the NYX Eyebrow Gel. Reviews for this product online says that it’s a dupe of the eyebrow gel from the high-end brand Make Up For Ever.  I haven’t tried the MUFE eyebrow gel so this post won’t be a battle of the NYX versus the MUFE eyebrow gel.


The shade that I got is Brunette which is the mid-tone shade. I believe this product comes in 5 shades. This product claims to be waterproof, long-lasting and smudge proof. It is definitely all those things plus it comes in a highly pigmented color. The formula is quite creamy so it’s very easy to work with. I first outline my brows using a little bit of the product on an angled brow brush. Then, I slowly fill in my brows by drawing in tiny strokes to mimic brow hairs.


I honestly love this brow product because I think it’s amazing! However, I feel that I got the wrong shade of this product. Upon application, it looks very dark on my brows. I even have to use a clear brow gel to tame down the color a bit. But, formula wise, this product is pretty darn impressive!


Don’t forget to join a collaborative giveaway that I am doing with a few bloggers! The giveaway runs until the 19th of December. Make sure to join! Click on this link to know more!



8 thoughts on “Filling in the brows with the NYX Eyebrow Gel + Giveaway!

  1. Kaily says:

    Wowweee you guys are awesome 🙂 I’m still working my way down the list of requirements lol. Thank y’all so much this is very generous. To answer the question on RC, I would go after the Tamanna palette with a vengeance 😉 Thank you tons for this opportunity. Love your blog and am excited about all the new blogs/instagrams/twitters I’m discovering through this giveaway!

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