Goddess Beauty Gossip with Genzel Kisses!


I have honestly been slacking on producing Goddess Beauty Gossip posts for months now and I truly apologize for that. But, before the year ends, I’d like to introduce a great beauty blogger to all of you!


(Picture is courtesy of Genzel’s Blog)

Meet Genzel of Genzel Kisses. She’s a Filipina beauty blogger who is also a professional hair and makeup artist. I’ve been following her blog and social media accounts for quite some time now and it was only recently that we became friends on Facebook. She is actually one of my inspirations in pursuing a career as a makeup artist seeing that she has been doing great at it and is actually enjoying it! To add to her impeccable resume of being a blogger, vlogger (she has a YouTube beauty chanel!) and a hair and makeup artist, she is also a musician! Say what? She can sing and can even play the guitar! She also has her own music channel on YouTube!

Genzel answered my beauty questions, so thanks for that Sis!

My Beauty Life
1. When did your makeup/beauty addiction start?
Hmm I cannot say it’s an addiction, more on enthusiasm and passion I guess. It started actually when I was in high school and I enjoyed reading beauty related stuff.
2. Do you remember the first ever makeup item you’ve bought? What was it and have you repurchased it since then?
Ohhh, if my memory serves me right, it’s a lipstick and I haven’t repurchased it because I still haven’t finished the tube hehe
3. What is one makeup item do you splurge on the most?
4. The beauty advice that you live by…
Take good care of your skin, if you have nice skin, it means that you have a great canvass for your makeup and you will need less products applied on your face.
My Beauty Loves
1. What do you prefer, drugstore or high-end makeup? Why?
I love high-end makeup but I don’t have a lot of high-end brands since they are freakin’ expensive hehe.
2. If I go through your makeup collection, I’ll see an abundance of _________? (i.e. lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, foundation, nail polish)
lipsticks 😀
3. What is the one makeup item that you cannot live without?
concealer! life saver 😀
My Beauty Wishlist
1. What is the one beauty item that you’ve been saving up for?
Zoeva Makeup Brushes! ❤
2. If you were to have one YouTube beauty guru’s or makeup artist’s makeup stash as your own, who would it be?
OMG of course my first ever love in YT, Michelle Phan 😀
Thanks again Genzel for answering my questions! I hope to meet you in person soon!
Guys, don’t forget to check out Genzel’s links below. She is awesome and I’m sure you’ll like her as much as I do!

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