Happy New Year + My Top 5 under Php500!


Being from the Philippines, it’s hard to find great beauty items! Given that we have limited brands here, especially in the drugstore department, finding great beauty items that won’t break the bank is a tough job!

In this blog post, I’d like to share with you my top 5 under Php 500 (around $11) products. These are products that I use on a regular basis and consider as must haves in my beauty collection!


E.L.F. Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve (Php250) – I have a crazy love affair with the E.L.F. Studio Blushes! I have 4 in my collection but my favorite is the shade called Mellow Mauve. It’s a deep mauve shade that is very wearable and perfect for all skin tones!

E.L.F Eyelid Primer (Php 129.75) – This is my favorite eye primer! I first tried this years ago because Emily of Beauty Broadcast raves about this and this is the eye primer that I keep on repurchasing! It’s very affordable but it does the job incredibly well! I have never experienced any creasing in my eyeshadows whenever I use this product!

The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow (Php 225) – I’ve used up a few of this product and I always keep repurchasing it! I love that it comes with a spooly on one end and the eyebrow pencil itself is pigmented and long-lasting!

ORLY Nail Polishes (Php 395) – Seriously, I couldn’t get enough of ORLY nail polishes. I only have a handful of them because I actually find them quite expensive at Php 395 a pop. But I think that they’re so worth it! The formulation of the nail polish is amazing and the color range is endless! ORLY nail polishes come in 18 ml bottles so you really get a lot of product in it. They come in mini ones as well which are cheaper but still great if you just want to try out the color or formulation of this brand. The nail polish pictured above is called Goddess which is one of my favorite shades (probably more because of its name)!

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies (Php 499) – What more is there to say about this product? They’re amazing, I love them, I keep purchasing them and now I have more colors than I know what to do with! Crazy, I know! But seriously, I love this brand and I love their lippies the most! I reach out for their lippies more than any other in my collection! They are that good! Their quality is definitely on the high-end side! My favorite shades include Girls Night Out (pictured above) and Crushing On You.

I highly recommend all the products I’ve mentioned in this post! These products definitely get my “Goddess” seal of approval! Gosh, that sounded lame! Haha.

I also want to greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 has been a great year for me blogging-wise! I am so happy that I have made new friends this past year through this blog and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate everyone’s love and support! I always look forward to reading everyone’s comments! You guys are seriously the loveliest of people!

May your 2015 be filled with excitement and the most kick-ass adventures!!!



14 thoughts on “Happy New Year + My Top 5 under Php500!

  1. Nathalie says:

    I’ve been lemming for those Happy Skin lippies for ages, but cannot justify the price tag because knowing myself, I am far too lazy to keep wearing lip color on a regular basis. You know, morning rush and all so I tend to skip the colorete while prepping for work. I still have half a dozen tubes of lipstick here, half almost unused. Ugh. Maybe I should make it a New Year’s resolution to use up even at least one tube before the year ends? Haha.

    • beautybloggergoddess says:

      That’s a good new year’s resolution Nathalie! I may have to make that my resolution as well! Being the lipstick addict that I am, I don’t think I have ever finished a tube of lipstick! Even my faves are just halfway done!

  2. SUDHARSHIXO says:

    It’s same here in Sri Lanka , We do not have nice makeup products . always end up buying online . it’s hard to buy blind without Testing & swatching . elf cosmetics has to be one of my faves . love their Studio collection .

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