Welcome to Candidly Ghia!

Hello Loves!

Yep, it’s been so long since I last blogged about beauty or about anything really. I’ve written a post a few months back saying that I am going to re-launch my blog and here it is! You see, I love blogging so I knew that I couldn’t stay away from it much longer. I know that I still have to do a few tweaks here and there to get the perfect blog layout, but all things considered, I’m happy with my new blog and my new blog name!


I thought I’d share this beautiful picture that my sister took of me as I was standing in this lane! The effect of the lights on the trees is MAGICAL!

The blog name “Candidly Ghia” is a result of months and months of brainstorming with my sister and closest friends. To be honest, the one thing I hated about my previous blog, Beauty Blogger Goddess, was its name. I admit I was hasty back when I put up that blog that I ended up with a name that I was not satisfied with.

I believe “Candidly Ghia” is a much more fitting blog name because this time around, I don’t want to only talk about beauty. Instead, I’d like to talk about other things that excite me; books, food, travel and basically anything that I find interesting. I must admit that majority of my posts will be about beauty because that is my first love. But, I’d definitely try to keep things interesting by posting about other things as well!

So welcome to Candidly Ghia and I hope you’ll enjoy this new blog as much as I’ll enjoy blogging in it!

I hope you’ll also follow me on social media – I’m @candidlyghia in both Twitter and Instagram!






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