My MAC Lipstick Collection..


I recently helped one of my best friends choose her first ever MAC Lipstick shade. We had a blast swatching the colors and trying them on our lips! I got my first MAC Lipstick three years ago and since then, I have been adding a few to my collection. This may sound so shallow but for me back then, choosing my first ever MAC lippie took some serious decision making! I definitely didn’t want to spend a big amount of money on a lipstick that I wouldn’t wear for a long time. So I browsed the world wide web for MAC lipstick recommendations and I went to the store to try on the colors myself. I think it’s very important to swatch and try on the lipstick in person so you would know if the color suits you.

So today, I thought I’d share with you my MAC lipstick collection. This blog post is not meant for me to brag about my collection. I wanted to do this post so I can recommend some good shades that I believe are worth the money. If you’re someone who has been thinking of getting a MAC lipstick for the first time but is not sure of what color to get, this blog post is for you!


MAC lipsticks come in a variety of shades and finishes. I’d say that MAC has a lipstick color that would suit any skin tone. Like I said, go to a MAC store to try the colors on yourself. Try as many colors as you want! I’m sure the MAC artists at the store would be glad to help. I have quite a deep skin color with a warm yellow undertone so the colors in my collection would suit someone with the same skin tone as mine. However, I believe that these colors can be worn by people with a lighter skin color.

The colors in my collection are (from left to right) – All Fired Up (retro matte), Taupe (matte), Mehr (matte), Diva (matte), Twig (satin), Rebel (satin), Fastplay (amplified), Plumful (lustre) and Pattiserie (lustre).

My favorite finish is definitely matte as it lasts on the lips all day! If you like a creamier texture, go for a satin or an amplified finish. But if you like a sheer finish, go for a lustre.

My favorite shades from my collection are Taupe, Diva and Twig. Taupe is a universal color. Anyone can wear this shade! It’s a nice mauvish brown color that is very wearable. I love Diva for its nice deep plumy red shade! Diva is so long-lasting that you wouldn’t need to reapply during the day! Twig is also a very wearable nude pink color that would suit all types of skin tones.

I’d say that MAC lipsticks are worth it. Yes, they are a bit pricey. But I love their quality and the nice variety of colors to choose from. I also love their classic bullet shaped packaging!

I hope this post has been helpful for you! If you also have MAC lipstick recommendations, please comment below! I’d definitely love to add more to my collection!





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