A Little Althea Haul


I love Korean beauty brands and the launch of Althea in the Philippines is something that my beauty loving heart has yearned for so long! Althea is an online website that sells makeup and skincare from top Korean beauty brands. Their prices are reasonable while some are cheaper compared to the brands’ store prices here in the Philippines. I love the variety of brands that Althea carries. Some of their brands are locally available, however, most are not available locally yet. This makes me happy because I can now get some of my favorite Korean products without having to travel abroad or ask someone travelling abroad to get them for me! They offer free shipping directly from Korea too!

On to the haul!


I love the brand Innisfree! I was able to try some of their products when I bought some from their store in Singapore. I got the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer and No Sebum Mineral Powder with Jeju natural mineral and natural originated mint. If you have oily skin like me, you’d know that you can never have too much primers and powders! Another powder that I got is the W-Lab Sebum Out Finish Powder. I love loose powders like this because they are perfect for setting the makeup especially under the eyes.

I also got the Missha Under Eye Brightener. I have not tried any product from Missha before which is a shame for me because Missha is one of the more popular Korean brands.  I’ve been testing out the under eye brightener for a few days now and I’m really enjoying it so far! I’m looking forward to trying more from this brand!

A Korean beauty shopping experience is not complete without getting some skincare stuff. I got two of the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack – one in Jeju Volcano and another one in Green Tea. These capsule recipe packs are wash-off masks and are targeted for specific skin concerns. I am excited to try these masks and see how they compare to the other face masks that I love!

Oh and I got a tiny sample of the Nature Republic Bee Venom Emulsion. Product samples like this make me really happy! Korean beauty brands are really generous with their samples and customers should take advantage of this to learn more about the brand and their products.

I am really impressed with Althea’s service. Ordering from their site is easy and delivery was a breeze as well. I got my box in 3 days which was fast considering that products are shipped all the way from Korea!

Any Korean beauty products that you recommend? Please comment below so I can know which product to try next!


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3 thoughts on “A Little Althea Haul

  1. Mel says:

    Hi! Which one would you prefer between Innisfree No Sebum & W-Lab Sebum Out powders? Do these two have the same amount of powder in it?

    • Candidly Ghia says:

      Hi Mel! To be honest, there’s not much difference between the two in terms of function. However, the Innisfree one has a nice minty scent which I like. So for that alone, I can say I prefer the Innisfree one. Both have the same amount of product inside the packaging. Innisfree however has come out with a bigger packaging of their no sebum powder. Hope this helps!

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