My Skincare Routine


I have really oily skin and have some discoloration due to blemishes. For years, I’ve struggled with my oily skin and the frequent breakouts that I get. I’ve tried different skincare products and for years nothing worked. Recently however, I feel like my skin has been in the best state that it has ever been. My skin is still oily but I’ve been using products that help control the oil. The breakouts that I get these days are the hormonal kind but they just come every once in a while. I’m really happy with my skincare routine these days and I thought I’d share the products that I have been using and loving with you!


On the cleanser front, I’ve been using the Malissa Kiss Mineral Aqua Mud Foam Cleanser.  This one is great for oily skin and for taking out all the gunk from my face. I did an in depth review of this product here.

I love face masks and I always use mud masks and sheet masks interchangeably. For mud masks, I have been loving the Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack. This product is made of Bamboo Charcoal Mud which is great for removing dirt and oil and reducing pores and blackheads. This mud mask is amazing for cleaning out the pores and I have seen an incredible decrease in my blackheads since I’ve started using this!


For sheet masks, I have been obsessed with the Hadabisei All-In-One Facial Mask. This pack contains 40 sheet masks that are heavily drenched in essence. This works as a facial lotion, moisturizer or beauty serum all at once. My skin always feels soft and smooth whenever I use this!


I use the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater daily before apply my serum and moisturizer. I use this to give my face some hydration. My face always feels a bit tight after cleansing and this product just gives my face an instant boost of hydration and freshness. This product can also be used to set makeup.

The facial serum that I have been reaching for lately is The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Essence. I use this product before applying my moisturizer and face primer in the morning. It adds an additional layer of oil control and it minimizes the appearance of pores.

At night, I usually reach for the Malissa Kiss White Me Up Sleeping Pack. I give this product credit for reducing some of the discoloration on my face due to blemishes. I find that this product has been great with making the skin tone on my face look even. Plus, I find that it added a certain glow to my skin!

I hope that if you have the same skin type as mine that my skincare routine will be of great help to you!


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