A Dupe for a Primer that we all love!


My title sounds very vague there, I know. Haha. I am referring to the Benefit Porefessional as the primer that we all love. I love the Porefessional – it’s one of the few primers that I’ve tried that effectively blurs out my humongous pores. However, I find the Porefessional to be really expensive so I always use the other less expensive primers that I keep on my stash. Recently though, I’ve discovered a really good dupe! And it’s a more affordable one at that!


Introducing the Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer with Jeju Natural Mineral and Natural Originated Mint. I picked this one up from Althea Korea PH which I featured in a previous haul. Innisfree is a Korean brand which I love for their skincare products. This blur primer is the first makeup related item I’ve tried from this brand.

This primer is a “blurring primer that covers pores and fine lines for a smooth texture”. It contains Jeju Natural Mineral and Natural Originated Mint which allows the skin to look healthy and supple while at the same time managing the oil and moisture balance of the skin.

The look and texture of this primer is very similar to the Porefessional. If I were made to guess which is which based on the look and texture of the products alone, I would be having a hard time! Although when you factor in the scent of the product, you’d be able to distinguish the Innisfree primer because it smells like mint.

This blur primer feels really smooth and a bit cool on the skin. I pat this lightly on my skin concentrating on areas where pores are visible before applying my foundation. It effectively blurs out my pores although I find that you have to wait for it to set for a few minutes before applying foundation. Otherwise, it will just come off. This product also has decent oil control – I find that I only need to blot my face at the 4-5 hour mark. I’d say it’s a great dupe and a more affordable version of the Porefessional!

Do you know of any dupes to Benefit’s Porefessional?


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