My Beauty Faves for the Summer


It’s summer in the Philippines and you can definitely feel its heat! It’s so hot nowadays that it’s impossible to go out and not be soaked in sweat within the first hour! That’s an exaggeration but you get what I mean! I’m really wishing for a cooler climate but that’s like wishing for the impossible. But, I plan to make the most of this summer so I am armed and ready with my top beauty picks for this season.

If you are on another part of this world and are experiencing the beautiful Spring season, my friend Annie over at Absolute Annie is also doing a blog post on her favorite products for Spring. Please do check it out!


My beauty favorites for the summer include:

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil for Dry & Coarse Hair

I tend to have dry hair but more so during the summer. The heat seems to just suck out all the nutrients from my hair leaving it a heap of tangled, dry mess. I love using the OGX Argan Oil as it makes my hair look healthy. It smooths out my dry hair and untangles any tangled bits. It also gives my hair a nice shine but I love that it does not get greasy throughout the day. As the name of this product suggests, it’s a penetrating oil which my hair actually absorbs so much so that my hair doesn’t get oily with it.

Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation

This has definitely been my most used foundation of this summer so far. I love that this gives a medium to full coverage but still feels very light on the skin. I like wearing lighter face bases during the summer as I tend to sweat a lot! Heavier face bases tend to just slip off my face or cake throughout the day! I did a review of this foundation here which you can check out for more details on why I love this foundation!

Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer

I feel like primers are a must everyday but more so during hot summer days! I love this primer because not only does it help control the oiliness of my face but it also blurs out my huge pores! I find that this works well with any of the foundations on my stash and it actually helps my makeup stay on all day! You can check out my review of this primer here.

W-Lab Sebum Out Finish Powder

As you may probably tell from the products I’ve mentioned previously, I’m all about a stay-all-day base especially during the summer. That is why finishing powders are important for me as I always have to set my base in place to keep my makeup in place despite the heat of the sun. I’ve been loving this finishing powder from the Korean brand W-Lab as it is completely translucent and it is very finely milled that you don’t have to worry about it caking during the day.

MAC Lipstick in Craving

Summer, just like Spring, is the perfect season to wear bright colors. I’m not one to wear bright eyeshadows or blushes so I reach for lipsticks to look more “in season”. Craving is one of my favorite lipsticks to wear and I feel like it’s a great summer color as it translates into a nice orchid pink color on the lips! It would look great on any skin tone as well!

I hope you have a nice summer/spring wherever you are in this world! Shout out to Annie and please don’t forget to check out her blog! You may also follow her on social media: 

Twitter – @Absolute_Annie

Instagram – @Absolutely_Annie




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