The Touch-up Makeup Kit


Do you carry a large makeup kit in your bag with all the products you need for a full face of makeup? Yes? No? Well, I used to do that and it was bad for my back and shoulders. Haha. Kidding aside, I have toned down and just carry with me a little touch-up makeup kit instead of carrying the whole shebang! This may come as a surprise if you know me personally because I tend to stuff my bag with all the things that I could possibly need, makeup included! These days however, I try my best to do my makeup before leaving the house in the morning and only bring with me makeup items that I would need to freshen up my makeup. Let’s go through my little touch-up makeup kit, shall we!


Face Powder – I always, always keep a face powder compact in my makeup kit. Having oily skin, I always need to touch-up my makeup with powder. I carry with me the L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder. This is a good powder for touching up as it is not cakey and has quite a good staying power and oil control.

Oil Blotting Sheets – Another staple in my makeup kit! I always blot before touching up with powder.

Mini Powder Brush – I love this little powder brush by Nude by Nature. It’s very soft and dense and its size is perfect for carrying around in my makeup kit.

Lipsticks – Definitely staples in my makeup kit! I usually bring with me the lipstick that I’m wearing for the day. But, I also chuck another lippie in just in case I find myself wanting to change my lip color during the day. Currently, I’ve been carrying around the new matte version of Happy Skin Cosmetics’ classic lippie shades – The Morning After and Honeymoon Glow. I’ve been really enjoying wearing these colors!

Perfume – Not only do I like my makeup to  look good throughout the day, but I also like to smell fresh throughout the day! I love this Eau De Parfum by the brand called Adopt’. The scent is called Freesia Magnolia and it’s a nice floral scent. I get this perfume at The Beauty Bar. They have a whole rack of perfumes from this brand with a LOT of different scents that you can choose from!

What touch-up makeup items do you carry in your makeup kit? Do you prefer just carrying these makeup items or do you bring a whole lot of makeup with you? Let’s discuss in the comments!




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