Get perfect brows with Benefit’s Ka-Brow!

Hello Loves!

I hope you’re all well today! I thought I’d check in with you today to talk about my current favorite brow product – the Benefit Ka-Brow! It is a cream-gel brow color; very much like a brow pomade. 

This product is part of Benefit’s new range of brow products. A lot of products from the line caught my eye but since I still haven’t found the best brow pomade, I thought I’d give this a shot. The product comes in a nice pot with an angled brush. I must admit that the packaging is really nice and it feels luxe. The angled brush, which I initially thought would be useless, is actually really great for drawing in precise brows!

The formula itself is amazing! It’s waterproof and in my experience, is also budge-proof! The color is quite forgiving as it is not that pigmented. I prefer less pigmented brow products as I find them easier to work with and they look more natural on the brows. The shade that I use is shade 4.

Here’s a picture of me with the product on my brows. I find with the Ka-Brow that I no longer need to set my brows with a brow gel or an eyeshadow. I love this product and I highly recommend it! 

Have a nice brow day! Xoxo!


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