My favorite nail polish!!

Hello Loves! 

It’s the start of a brand new week and it’s supposed to be a long weekend holiday but I have to work. This is such a bummer! Why do holidays always fall on important workdays? Anyway, there’s not much that I could do about it. Good thing I’m looking forward to taking some time off pretty soon.

Today’s blog post will be a quick one as I would like to briefly ramble on about my favorite nail polishes by the brand Sally Hansen. Well, I like a particular line of nail polishes from the brand. It’s called the Miracle Gel line.

This line of nail polishes boasts its long-wearing formula that lasts up to 14 days! I got my first bottle of the Miracle Gel nail polish last year and it has become my holy grail nail polish! Since then, I’ve gotten a few more to add to my collection and I now have 6 of these nail polishes. 

They seriously last long on my nails without chipping. It amazes me that even after a week, the nail color still looks as shiny and brand new. Unlike gel nails which need a special nail polish remover to take it off, you can take off these Miracle Gel nail polishes with just about any nail polish remover.

The colors that I currently have in my collection are Mintage (mint green), Birthday Suit (nude), All Chalked Up (light lavander), Games of Chromes (gold), Mignight Mod (navy blue), and Flushed Wanderer (pastel pink). I really want to add more to my collection as I swear that these are the only nail polishes I use these days! I even gave my sister a hint that I’d love to receive a bottle of this nail polish for Christmas!

Have you tried the Miracle Gel nail polish by Sally Hansen? How did you like it? Any color recommendations?



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