The L’Oreal Micellar Water – a new skincare staple!

Hello Loves!

How was your Halloween? I hope you had a blast! We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the Philippines and we don’t go trick or treating. But some do get dressed up and go to Halloween parties.

Since we’re talking of Halloween, I’m sure lots of you did some heavy makeup to go with your costumes. With the heavy makeup comes the dreaded task of taking it all off! May it be for Halloween or your normal day-to-day makeup, worry not because I have a great product recommendation that effectively removes makeup – the L’Oreal Micellar Water.

There’s a lot of micellar waters coming out on the market nowadays but out of all the ones I’ve tried, this one from L’Oreal truly stands out. The price point is great (Php 225 or around $5) and it’s the most affordable micellar water I’ve ever tried. It also delivers on its claim of effectively cleansing the face and removing makeup. And yes, it effectively removes even waterproof makeup! Seems like a heavy duty makeup remover and cleanser all rolled into one, right? But the best thing about this micellar water is that it does not irritate the skin and most especially the eyes. I’ve tried other micellar waters which irritated the hell out of my eyes! But this one from L’Oreal does not!

I use this product everyday to remove my makeup before going through my normal nightly skincare routine. But on those days when I get home late and I couldn’t be bothered to wash my face, I use this product to take off my makeup and then I use it to cleanse my face the second time around to effectively remove all the gunk from my face.

This product has truly become a new skincare staple for me and I see myself using this for a long time! Xoxo! 😘


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