Lunch at Cafe by the Ruins


I’ve been MIA lately on this blog, I know. Well, I took some time-off and went on a short trip with my cousins! It was fun and I had a blast with my cousins on our first cousins only trip! Now I’m back and I thought I’d write something different for the blog today. When I re-launched my blog into Candidly Ghia, I didn’t want it to be all about beauty. I thought of adding a food and travel category! I do eat a lot (more than I should!) and I love to travel so adding these two categories were no-brainers!

So today, I’d like to take you to lunch (not a real one, sorry!) at Cafe by Ruins! My cousins and I went to Baguio for our short trip. Baguio is a city up north where it’s colder compared to Manila’s heat! When my cousins and I were planning for this trip, we did a quick search of food places to visit in Baguio and Cafe by the Ruins topped that search! We went there on our first day for lunch and tried a variety of their dishes.

Cafe by the Ruins’ dishes are made of locally grown ingredients.


The restaurant has a really nice, home-y feel to it. There were pretty flowers on the tables which made me really happy! Sorry for not taking pictures of the restaurant and the decor. We were more interested in eating! Haha.


For appetizer, we had the Cheese Lumpia Straws. These are basically cheese sticks made of carabao cheese and basil filling. I loved this dish! It tasted so good with the basil giving it a nice flavor!


My main dish was the Baguio Bagnet – double fried pork belly with rice and a side dish of tomato salsa and bagoong (shrimp paste). I love bagnet! The crunchier, the better! This one was definitely cooked perfectly. It was crunchy on the outside but the meat was tender on the inside!


One of my cousins ordered the Shrimp and Mango Curry – prawns cooked in coconut milk curry. It came with a lot of condiments like hard boiled egg, friend onions, chili and peanuts. This one tasted really good as well! The curry was delicious with just the right amount of spiciness to it!


This Fillet Mignon was my other cousin’s order. She gave us a few slices of beef to try and I loved how¬†tender it was! The beef was juicy and oozing with flavor!


This dish, if I remember correctly, is called Rita’s Rice. It’s a rice dish topped with chicken, celery, parsley and a creamy white sauce. Again, this is another delicious dish! The white sauce perfectly complimented the rice and the chicken.


The appetizer and lunch dishes were definite winners in my books! These dishes came in generous servings and were plated beautifully.

After lunch, we ordered dessert and the Strawberry Shortcake came highly recommended by our waiter. However, this dish was a huge disappointment for my cousins and I. The strawberries were good! They were fresh and juicy! But, the cake in the middle of this dish was too hard and a bit rubbery for my liking. Beautiful presentation though!


I really enjoyed the food at Cafe by the Ruins! I’ll definitely visit this restaurant again the next time I’m in Baguio!

Happy weekend!