Longing to travel…

Hello loves!

I wanted to deviate from the beauty related posts today as I found myself browsing through the photos on my phone and I got a bit nostalgic with some photos I took during some of my travels. 

I haven’t travelled anywhere this year. My work schedule just can’t allow it and to be honest, I’m saving up some money as I plan to move abroad hopefully by next year. I lived in another country for two months last year and I really enjoyed the culture and the independence. 

This picture was taken at the summit of Mt. Maculot in Batangas, Philippines. I climbed this mountain last year with my cousins. I love climbing mountains and this by far was my hardest climb to date! It was worth it though as the view was just amazing! 

This picture was taken in Guimaras Island, Philippines. The water was just so clear and refreshing! The entire island was just great – amazing people, good food and interesting historical sites.

Ahh Bondi Beach, Australia! This beach is breathtaking! Too bad I didn’t take a dip as I visited during the winter!

This was during a weekend trip to Tasmania, Australia. This is my favorite trip so far! It was super cold and I was bundled up in too many layers! And yes, that’s ice along the road! Tasmania is just paradise! Everything was green and beautiful! I will definitely visit this place again!

I can’t wait to travel again! I plan to visit Thailand or Japan in the coming year! 

Do you love to travel? What is your favorite place or country that you’ve visited? Let me know on the comments! Xx!